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World's Hottest Female Trucker - MGTOW

Published on 25 May 2023 / In People & Blogs

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'World's hottest trucker' begged to do Lonely Friends – but says she already earns six figures

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Roger. He didn't give me a topic so what I want to cover is this story called 'World's hottest trucker' begged to do Lonely Friends – but says she already earns six figures. Here's what the article briefly has to say: "A gymnast turned lorry driver has been hailed the "hottest trucker ever" by followers who want her to join lonely friends. But blonde bombshell Daysen Torgue Havoc is reluctant to launch a profile on the racy subscription service – because she already earns an impressive six-figure salary from her day job. The 25-year-old's burgeoning career as a gymnast was cut short after she was “rear ended by a drunk driver” in 2016. But the gorgeous petrolhead, from Chicago, Illinois, has since found success on the road. And she claims she's in her “third year making 6 [figures]", comparing her job to a “permanent vacation”. The stunning trucker, who owns long-hauling (OTR) company Havoc Trucking LLC, has garnered a huge fan base across social media. A ‘TruckToker’, she takes to TikTok and Instagram to record her life as a woman driver. Worshipping fans have even gone as far as to say she’s the “hottest trucker ever”. One TikToker wrote: “So you are by far the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen.” One person wrote: “Damn! You could make some serious bank if you removed your trucker hat and everything else.” She says she was outraged and said she would never bare all for “rude” and “creepy” people." unquote So at first glance this story is simply a clickbait headline for the Daily Star. But what's more important is why women like her are doing trucking and is it a trend that's picking up? So I looked up the statistics over the last 10 years or so as you can see here and the percentage of women in the trucking industry is now around 16% versus the 12% in 2010. It's an industry where a lot of the old timers are retiring and there aren't enough workers to fill in the gaps. That's why we've been seeing supply chain disruptions and inflation to some extent. What do you think is going to happen with ai replacing retail and service jobs that are mostly female causing the greatest shesession in world history? Do you really think they are going to take it laying on the backs like they usually do in the bedroom? Or will they put on their black strap on monster and smash male industries in the behind like trucking and farming? It looks like Daysen doesn't want a layer of man chutney on her face for all to see and she's making more than enough driving her own rig. I don't really know if she's making six figures. Maybe someone could pipe in in the comments section below and let me know. But if a woman like this showed up at your trucking company had her license and was reliable you'd probably hire her just to virtue signal that your company is hiring whamen for the job. She also has vintage trans am and likes boom sticks of the assault variety if you check out her instagram. There are also other female truckers like Shannon Pettinger making loads of cash showing her gash on the internet. Fifteen thousand pounds a month. Here's another woman 36 year old Clarissa Rankin that makes 144k a year. Remember that nursing, teaching and medicine were once male fields. So what do you think is going to happen as women in unskilled labor jobs get laid off? Do you think they are going to sit at home and depend on a man like they did in the 1950s? Forgetaboutit. They are going to start moving into things like the trades and things that have been traditionally male dominated like they did with many other fields during the 20th century. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Haakon The Good:

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Mustang 12 months ago

Stop Simpin' Sandman.

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zdoctor 1 year ago

despite more whaman are in trucking still men run the country. hammerhand might know if shes making 6 figures......i believe hammer is a truck driver. . whaman on average cant even read a ruler so how will they work pretty much anywhere. STAY SINGLE GENTLEMEN.....INVEST IN YOURSELF AND RETIRE EARLY...WITHOUT ANY WHAMAN!!

   5    0
sauger1001 1 year ago

Making six figures in trucking is possible. Your chances are better if you own your own tru k, and you have little to no debt. Also depends on the freight you're hauling.

   2    0
csehszlovakze 1 year ago

I don't know if Hammer's a trucker but Lion of MGTOW is, and he doesn't earn that much, just saves most of his paycheck.

   2    0
sardonicsmile 12 months ago

I do not think females will last long in truck driving. Ot involves entrepreneurship and work.

   0    0
csehszlovakze 1 year ago

here's a chameleon candidate

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