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Women Who Want The West To Fail

Published on 18 Oct 2022 / In Film & Animation


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jim bennett
jim bennett 1 year ago  

The wicked witch of the west had a monkey army in the wizard of oz.. they dressed like freemasons.. art imitates life? they should start with some honesty.. Trump had his chance to inform the publlc of many things.. it seems he fell short. They kill Americans in foreign wars and then flood us with foreign workers.. obviously it is someone undermining America..

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CatFoodMillionaire 1 year ago

Welcome back. It was nice to hear the many topics and the big picture adressed, appreciated!

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Drums_McBashington 1 year ago

The feministas think they are going to 'smash the patriarchy' by destroying western civilization, and then rise like the phoenix into their new utopian world. They'll fail, of course, but you can't tell them that, because they already 'know everything'.

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