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Women Want The World To Burn - MGTOW (074)_small

Published on 29 Mar 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous and here's what he has to say: "Hi, Sandman. I just had a dream that I was caught in a literal zombie apocalypse, a la The Walking Dead and woke up wondering if women would be more excited about such a world than men? The assumption always is that scrappy, gun toting redneck survivalist men are the ones looking forward to this type of future. But what if it's women that would actually enjoy it the most? Sure, the hardship would suck. But think of the drama! The excitement! The constant adrenaline rushes! Think of the panty-dropping opportunity to be part of giga Chad Negan's harem! Think of all the testosterone being thrown around by the strong, surviving men! It's got to be better than our current stale, boring estroginized society. I'm not sure there’s enough here for a video, but I see it as an interesting thought experiment. Also, Funny how you did a video request for me a while back about transwomen being better women than women and, fast forward, transmaxxing has now become a thing."Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation and topic. I'll discuss some recent thoughts on the transmaxxing community towards the end but I think that both sexes want the horror of modern industrial life to end. A lot of guys in our community keep saying that they want to see a collapse and for everything to burn. Your subconscious is creating a dreamscape at night that fulfill that fantasy. But collapse doesn't happen all of a sudden. It's gradual and eventually you're in a different era. Many men want the collapse so that women have to suffer again and have no choice but to return to a traditional way of life as an obedient wife. Women want things to collapse so they can all enjoy the drama because they are addicted to it. On one hand they want comfort and safety but on the other they want chaos. When they are given power they extract whatever value they can to give themselves stability but destabilize everything for everyone else. Then men walk away and the economy crumbles. We are seeing that right now with young men pulling out of the laborforce with the work participation rate at all time lows. In the past women got used to alternating states where their country was somewhat stable and other times when it's in a state of war and the men are fighting and dying. Women want to live in a house that's on fire but they don't want to get burned by the flames. What they want is a paradox. Men want stability and we want sexual access. Many of us are willing to throw civilization if we can't get sex. A relationship, wife and kids for many of us are our purpose and if we don't get them we don't care what happens to the world because we don't have our foreskin in the game so to speak. As for women collapse works for them because they won't be killed off if there are wars. Sure they have to worry about dying during childbirth, lack of contraceptives, plagues and famine but at least they won't get slaughtered by conquering nations. Just taken as war brides. Again let it sink in that women want stability and chaos at the same time. That's why I believe that books like the Hunger Games were so popular with girls. The continent of panem in the film is filled with high tech cities in the Rockies Mountains and subsistence farmers and producers everywhere else.

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That however won’t go in woman’s favor because they need soycitey and men to survive since women would be absolutely screwed of society crumbles.

The jokes on her since women aren’t built for survival, only men unless everywhere were like the garden of Eden which isn’t realistic because scrounging females could mistake poisonous plums as the forbidden fruit and accidentally get drunk and become lesbians then die of poisoning.

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