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Women Want the Unattainable 'Chad'

Published on 20 Mar 2023 / In Entertainment

We are back with the game 'The Button' where 2 people face off in a 'speed date' and whoever presses the 'button' first, the other person is eliminated and a new person comes out.

IF both people go 10 minutes without pressing the button, they win a free date paid for by @cut

Watch how women treat a 'Chad' or 'Tyrone' in the dating game.


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profhugodegaris 2 months ago

When I listen to peakers (people of average intelligence) talk about chads, who are admittedly easy on the eyes, but may be as thick as bricks, I feel I'm living (as someone with a Prof. Dr. in front of my name) in another universe. When I e-dated, I would immediately eliminate 95+% of women, purely on IQ grounds, as measured by their lack of having at least a master's degree, and preferably a PhD. Peakers don't have the need to match with someone of comparable, very high IQ, so tend to choose looks as the top selection criterion, but to sages (people of very high IQ) very high IQ is the top selection criterion, so the higher the IQ one has, the more prepared someone is to accept someone who is less good looking (although not too much) so long as that person is very smart. For sages, it is IQ that really matters, and good looks are secondary. Sages live in a different dating universe, with very different criteria for selection.

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sardonicsmile 2 months ago

Look at how the females wait and even accept chads rejection.

60+ body count? And neither of them have STDs?
Man, I haven't had 6 girlfriends in my entire life.
Guys, just assume she has been fucked at least 50 guys. And she has definitely had 2 guys simultaneously.

Everything is forgiven and permitted, *for chad, but everything is dirt on and restricted for a Good Man.
Monk Mode is the ONLY path.
Do NOT falter, when they give you attention, because it is NOT sincere. It is only that they have fallen out of chads favor.

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