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Women Think Their Baggage Makes Them Worth Dating | Grunt Speak

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Published on 06 Jan 2023 / In Comedy

So psychological baggage makes you a high value commodity. But only if you’re a woman.
#TerrencePopp #Dating #Baggage

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Squeaker 26 days ago

I was curious in the past and looked up women by name on social media i dated long ago. I swear what happened to the 115 ib woman who now baby baloogas. I have seen women come from ukraine marry and move to the states...... I worked with a man who had a wife in the phillippines and one in the states.

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Aroris 28 days ago

These days Psychology is the biggest whore on the planet.

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Squeaker 26 days ago

Society, you cannot fix a lightbulb that is already broken in the packaging. I gave at christmas.

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Councilof1 28 days ago

I swear the women who write these articles get higher than kite's then come up with this fiction.

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Chrissy Stockton is full of shit.

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