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Women like this should be on a government registry somewhere

Published on 01 Jun 2023 / In People & Blogs

A young woman's tweet goes viral for describing how to get a high testosterone hot guy, then how to wreck him and keep him to herself.

The irony is once she's wrecked him, we all know she'll leave him, and he has to rebuild from scratch.

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eldrazi317 3 months ago

She is evil; women like her are why I’d never, ever trust a female with anything. Very….machiavellian.

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AcquireZeal 4 months ago

Women's nature is to be slavers. It only works when men aren't wise to it, of course. It was many generations in the works. If boys are closer to their mothers than their fathers, women will be able to casually enslave men in the next generation. The situation after that is impossible to reverse while coloring inside the lines.
Your typical man today is not only feminized and effeminate, but further enslaved by a woman, and proud of it. He dreads the idea of being a free man, he needs his hall pass from the sisterhood or he believes he goes down in social status. Which, let's be honest, he does because the west is gynocratic.

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AcquireZeal 4 months ago

It's called poisoning, and I'd recommend charging it as attempted murder.

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