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Women Learned THIS Lesson in 2020...

Texting Prince
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Published on 11 Jan 2021 / In Entertainment

Alright so the year 2020 was absolutely crazy - and I did a stream about 5 lessons women learned from the year 2020.

In this video we are breaking down lesson number 1 - todays women need to empower both the OLDER women and the YOUNGER women to be more empowered in the year 2021.



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jackson60199 7 days ago

They'll lead granny until they become granny themselves and realize that granny was playing longball. Big order of piping hot "Old and alone" coming up

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jackson60199 7 days ago

There's an old saying that I heard once - That when a person walks down the wrong path, they'll have to walk it twice - once going wrong and once getting back. I think most are too far gone for the return trip.

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boby 14 days ago

Behind each bunch of empowered trash there's a simp. Look at 4:53 and on

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Patricharchy74 14 days ago

Women > 2020 > Onlyfans > Simps > ATM > Going Mental over No attention from male

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MR Mayhem
MR Mayhem 15 days ago

10:00 I literally started to weep. Some whore and or cuck need to die.

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Fangs13 15 days ago

a little girl singing there are whores in this house .... yeah the future looks .. filled with cum dumps ..
looking forward the 4 remaining lessons.
also .. wap dance?? as in women trying to show off their legs, butts, panties, and torso as much as possible and as directly indirect as possible?
yoga used to be a good sport, now they use it to show off their butts, same goes for cheerleading or whatever that second one is, used to show girls being girly, now it's only to show you their most likely period blood covered panties, no idea what the third one is, the 4th one, is that street or belly dancing? 5th one bikini dancing? i had no bloody idea that women were THAT ground flat! sheesh!
as for the last one, twerking is not a dance; it's merely the international call for sluts, whores, prostitutes and tarts, looking for their pimp to give them their jobs. when they do it, they are merely seeking the attention for the next pimp.
"all girls cheat" that is true, none of you is loyal. and then you get mad if a man cheats? well he learned from you!

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Wolf178 15 days ago

Why would they learn anything when they have a army of Simps raised by the previous female generation.

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