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Women keep shaming men and are forcing men to avoid them

Published on 02 Feb 2023 / In People & Blogs

Even when women are in danger or need help, men are just saying no thanks, they've had enough.

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kellogz55 1 year ago

all these women in the gym, are fat thots, shut up and work out you cunt

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joolco22 1 year ago

I quit helping out whamyn a long time ago, I came up on a car that was having obvious trouble, I slowed to assist, when the driver stepped out and I saw it was a whamyn, I pulled back into traffic and drove on

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joolco22 1 year ago

I see women in my gym all the time wearing skin tight LULU's that leave nothing to the imagination and others wearing sweat cloths, I have more respect for the women wearing the sweats, their there to actually work out and tune up not walk around like their in some kind of advertisement

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sauger1001 1 year ago

20:20. Many men are human "doings", and many women are human "beings" (more like human "talkings").

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Heavyhand 1 year ago

I work out regularly at three times a week.

I am just sick to death of women walking around in clothing so tight you can see their fucking anatomy and getting bent if you even notice. I think women are the most beautiful creatures on earth but damn if I wouldn’t just go to an all male gym just to avoid a potentially bad situation with a woman

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KEEPER 1 year ago

Yep, and it's starting to affect other men in the same situation, there was a woman who was lifting weights, and she got herself into a precarious position, and she was asking for help and the men looked at her for a minute but they just ignored her after that because every time one of these women ask for help they accuse these guys of something, and guys are learning very quickly not to trust these women, it eventually took another woman to help her, so guys are waking up and they're not helping these women because they're attacking men at every step of the way, men are no longer trusting them. Which is a good thing in my opinion, women have been doing this to themselves for years and it finally clicked into other guys that it could possibly be a trap or more than likely as it often ends up being a trap in some way or another when they help women.

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