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Women Have Influenced Society To Control Men And Still Play the Victim

Published on 30 Nov 2023 / In Film & Animation

Women and gynocentrism - The Matriachy, HAS influenced MEN greatly. So much so that we have all walked away. The influence women and feminism has had on society is they have simple freed MEN and shot themselves in the foot with an AK47 instead of a water pistol! lol! as fpor women thinking they have VALUE or WORTH? Well! how fucking DELUDED do they need to get! LOL!

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CatFoodMillionaire 3 months ago

wahmen denying reality, right after he proved hers was a fantasy, based on her feefees.

No 19th!

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Furioso 3 months ago

Wrong ,the elites (who are men) have weaponized wahmen to control men .Wahmen can't do shit against the elites .

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