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Women Get Desperate! Who Cares? - MGTOW

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Published on 24 Aug 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Roy and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, Thanks for being so open to communicating with me. You're one of the few that has been so personable. You get a lot of people contacting you so I don't expect you to remember me. I was the Karate Cuck you were kind enough to talk about my ex narcissist GF a few years ago. See the link I've attached. I'm not messaging you to continue that conversation. I could care less about that woman or the so called friends associated with her. She is a narcissist and so is my ex-friend. I've since left my yoga studio at Core Power as many of my friends have done. We are all seeing the feminist narrative that has dominated the inndustry. I've been lifting weights. riding my bike 20-40 miles a few times a week and practicing kung fu. As I walk around in life and I get in better shape and more financially stable I notice women are starting to pay attention. But I just don't care. For some reason women are no longer a thing for me. Sure, There are hot women around and they look. But I just don't care at all. Sandman, can you explain this to me? I've been a blue pill for many years
but after that last Karate Cuck incident I really just don't care about any women and almost despise them. I'm not Gay, I just think women are complete A-Holes. What are your thoughts Sandman? " Well Roy thanks for the donation and topic. Congratulations on getting past the red pill rage stage 2.0. After that last Karate Cuck incident you got pissed off, quickly over female nature, went your own way, focusing on your own life and relationships have become irrelevant. That's where a man needs to be if he wants to be free. But the more men free themselves like that the more desperate women there will be. But then again as you now know. Who Cares? I'll get to more of my thoughts about the wonderful things that happen to a man once he gets over women entirely in just a moment. But let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Lindsay Transmission: Anyways, now back to the clown world show. First of Roy I put the previous video I made for you in the description in case people want to watch it. As for your current situation women are into men that are into themselves. It's like playing the part of the narcissistic male chameleon. If you reflect back to women what they see in their self absorbed selves then it will attract them. Just like the way a woman dresses up as your favorite Cartoon or comic book character and you can't keep your eyes off her. It's the same cow poop just a different pile. Also because you don't care Roy and because you don't notice or give those women attention they assume that you have higher status and that you are with women that are higher status or can be with such women so you're like a prized pony in the glue factory. They see your value and they want you. Life is not without it's irony because back in the days when you probably wanted such women, they probably didn't want you. Now they want you and you don't want them.

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LongRedRoad 2 months ago

"If there is one thing feminists really hate is men enjoying themselves"

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Manfred von Richthofen
Manfred von Richthofen 2 months ago

Shaming is powerful because it elicits a response. Either you get angry (emotional response) or you argue (intelectual response), they have your attention and take you out of balance.
I learned to endorse whatever slam is thrown at me in amusement. Because I have no skin in the social game anymore. If they call me gay, then of course I am gay. I can also be an ashole, and a piece of shit. I am also a liar or violent thug.
In fact, the worst they call me the more amusing it gets, because it works at keeping them away!

Do you notice that hardly no man ever does that? Friends can goof around, but its not for real.
No stranger does shamming out of the blue also.
It is always the women that are near you, supposedly the people that should value and support you. Those are the ones that try to hurt you the most, and you have provided them with insight to you psyche...

Take your clues from that. I know that the worst and most hurtful things I was ever called was from my wife.

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Zuberi87 2 months ago

She can take a long walk off a short pier.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

She can kick rocks, I don't need another bitch in my life.

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pirania 2 months ago


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scott sanger
scott sanger 2 months ago

FEMALES can be nice to look at and even as a ' toy' once in a while, BUT, TRP exposes females for the true waste of time they are. .......... they are soo much work and NO ROI, they just arent worth the hours of work for a 10 minute joy ride.....

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Not even worth a minute’s while...

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