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Women FAIL Simple Handshake Test

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Published on 18 Jul 2022 / In Entertainment

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sardonicsmile 5 months ago

All females assume you are flirting with them by doing things like this. If you are ugly, ethnic, short, or balding, they will outright reject you.

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These women are just outright fucking dreadful..... and if they get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre they will go, "Oh I was wondering if YOU could help me" - plays helpless and batts eye lashes and places a great deal of emphasis on the word YOU.... but when the tables are turned..... "What is that arsehole doing in the middle of the road waving at me? Can't he see I am late for my hair dressing appointment?"

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Bagoodman 5 months ago

Stupid scrooYube - I hope you get your shorts Quota.

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NoFemVAL 5 months ago

females are retarded cunts.

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"Oh your stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre? Awwwwwww."
"I'm not."

Drives off....

Treat women with the contempt they deserve, by withholding that too.

Seriously - when evaluating women - it does not have to be a PHD psycho analysis, to figure them out. Simple low yield tests like this will tell you everything you need to know... Most of them lack the brains and the personality to engage in small talk on safe subjects, like the weather.... you know like after 14 years of drought the first rains a week back, "Hey did you get a decent shower last week - where you are?" - silence.

Handshake - ignore you.

Non of this has to be high IQ stuff.... Evaluating them for 30 seconds or less, in matters of basic intelligenceand civility and good manners and almost all of them will fail it.

Now if that guy was the CEO and in a 3 piece suit and they were lined up in a row and he was doing a meet and greet - and shaking all their hands, they would ONLY do it to suck up his arse and to be seen to be a team player... so they can get the job.

Out on the street - with basic civility - they are rude, nasty, selfish and stupid - showing their true colours.

Like all this dating crap - you don't have to spent thousands on them, and do all these expensive dates and shit - a well thought out, premeditated greeting, purely with the purposes of gauging them and their personality, well are they friendly, sincere, warm, kind, honest, worthwhile - can they do a simple hand shake.. a friendly non committal greeting? Or do they fuck that up?

Do they want the Micheline 5 star, or is a decent subway sandwich or a hamburger with the lot, and a coffee absolutely fabulous - where they can pay their own way...

Watch the reaction.

"“I have come here to size you up as a prospective partner, this MIGHT lead to a life long commitment, it could turn out that we like each other but it’s not a workable issue, it might lead no where because we have very little in common and we don’t really like each other.”

“Given the fact that you, as a responsible adult, are claiming that she wants a committed relationship - which is giving and taking, have turned up with no money, to pay for your own meal, tells me that your either a financially irresponsible person or a free loading parasite.”

“Our date is over. Bye.” - and tell her to go, if your staying for your own lunch, or get up and walk out and go about your own business else where.

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Michael_Alexandroff 5 months ago

The reason that women act this way and don't shake hands has nothing to do with fear, it's because, in general, women are cunts.

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I could not have said it better myself. LOL

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FL_Steve 5 months ago

If they knew the person had money or power and could do something for them, it would be different. But, yes they certainly are cunts.

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sithsith 5 months ago

@FL_Steve: Women have always been counts, if you tried the same shit a 100 years ago , it will have been the same. Now if you look like a Greek God with blue eyes, muscular, some women might shake your hand, in the hopes you will fuck them.

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