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Women Explain Why They Want to be Housewives - Highlights Compilation

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Published on 20 Jul 2021 / In Film & Animation

Jeeezzzz! This one will make you laugh, or voilent! lol! women WANT to be housewives? DAH! Does this mean that they are no longer feminist's! lol! or have they realized being a housewife was not so bad? the thing is now all us simgle Guy's especially MGTOW's and Red Pill's like being on our own and have actually learned and experience Housework. So WFT would we want YOU for if we can do it ourselves? lol! I actually like a bit of housework or "HAVING A PURGE" as I call it. the sense of self achievemnt for little effort and a noticeable result in my home gives me a buzz, a reset place tyo let the place get dissorgantized again! If women WANT to be housewives they need to learn to tidy their own hovels first and then they have a few decades to try and convince MEN. there's no point being a housewife without a MAN. without a MAN you are just a "Scrubber"!

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CatFoodMillionaire 12 days ago

When these 20s fems get reinterviewed at 30-35 about how they FEEL now, throw in a lie detector test to screen for infidelity.
The religious female has the highest chance of not divorcing, provided she stays in her current NPC Collective.

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Shadosan 12 days ago

The Hispanic chick sitting on the floor didn't even have a clean couch. I don't think she does enough around the house....

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mrghoster 11 days ago

That's why she was sitting on the floor................It was cleaner, Less flee's! lol!

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Furioso 13 days ago

Wahmen are screwed ,they will realize it very soon ,the man they want can have all he wants and can't be controlled .Even a minimum wage man can fuck a 20 years old hooker if he manages his money correctly .Reality is ,men don't need women ,we are strong and independant not you bitches .Feminism have lied to wahmen ,men have things tangible to offer ,wahmen don't .We don't want your bullshit lies and sollipsism ,we don't want your fake body ,face and personnality ,we don't want your ageing and used up ass ,we don't want your constant nagging ,we don't want to lose our kids and our assets just because you are bored so fuck you very much .Real men don't need narcissistic human leeches that wahmen are .

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 13 days ago

"Taking care of the bills"
....with someone else's money...

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