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Women Don't Want The World To Change - MGTOW

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Published on 08 Aug 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video isn't brought to you by any donations. I just had something that's been on my mind that I had to get out there. If you want to suggest a topic you can do so through paypal through my email that I've linked down below. I began to wonder to what lengths women will go to in order to keep their standard of life and shut men up from talking about women? All the internet censorship has to be related to women trying to control the narrative. When I first started my channel and it started to grow and MGTOW channels started popping out of the ground like weeds I thought to myself I can't believe that women can't silence us. The first step to silencing us forcing us to contest the monetization of every single video I uploaded and it had to be manually reviewed before I could earn any money from it. This happened all the way from early 2017 until the end of November 2018. At that point the CNN documentary about MGTOW came out and all of my videos were demonetized. More importantly every single MGTOW channel that used that acronym and many that didn't were also demonetized. At that point I started to think what would be the next thing they would do. Deplatforming channels would only work so far because female captains of consciousness probably figured out we would create other platforms like Bitchute and Odysee and eventually our ideas would spread from there only much slower. Also a lot of channels would drop MGTOW from their title but still talk about female nature. So the next thing they would do is go after those other platforms and they did and they are all still standing. Then they went for Patreon with the attack on Sargon a few years ago. I thought that would be the first such attack. But they realized that other crowd sourcing would show up. Not to mention Bitcoin. I also thought they would throttle my channel down and others which they have done. So my predictions have come true so far but I haven't made any new ones since those came true.So what's next? What now? Before I share more of my thoughts let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Rub Done Right: Anyways, now back to women trying to censor the internet so that men don't understand how cucked we really are clown world show. At that point I figured that once Big tech gave way to alt tech we would have won. Well, not exactly. My next prediction was that governments would have to take up censorship of their citizens directly. Now we are seeing that with Bill C-10 and Bill C-36 in Canada. Of course in the United States they can't shut us up that way. So instead if I were the elites what I'd do is introduce that cyber pandemic we hear Klaus Schwab talking about so much. Because not all governments can legislate the outlawing of free speech they will have a cyber pandemic and then issue ID when you go online so they can monitor everything you say or do. Just in case you're one of those so called Russian Hackers that they are looking for. Let's assume that they do that. What's our next way to fight back if we can't use the censored internet. I think then we have to used the technology they use on Cruise Ships on devices that aren't connected to the internet. For example if you're on a cruise ship you can use the Navigator App on the Disney Cruise Line or Carnival Hub on the Carnival Cruise Line.

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csehszlovakze 6 months ago

so, what would you do about Huawei's 6G plans, including your globohomo ID in every network packet? as for destroying previous devices, all they need is a planet-wide EMP, and giving the new devices out to the survivors...

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

As long as this prevailing model in Western society continues to benefit them, they will never accept that it changes.

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zdoctor 6 months ago

sandman.........this clip is dead on correct. whaman are never happy with what they have. ...this is the reason i walked off the plantation.. .whaman are not grateful that i bought flowers as they yell at me for not getting the exact one they like.....the majority of whaman out there are toxic and men are walking away at epic proportions so until whaman step back and stop the woke culture i will not date again as many men will do. LISTEN GENTELMAN.,.......THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO IS DROP THE MIC AND WALK OFF THE STAGE. . YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

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