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Women Don't Want Nice Guys, More Proof Of This!

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 20 Jun 2021 / In Entertainment

Don't listen to what women say. Look at what they do, and that goes for all people.

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"Women Don't Want nice guys" - like this is supposed to be a disadvantage?

I gave my TV away 10 years ago.... and don't miss the shit at all.

But I sometimes passed through a reigonal railway station and they have a BIG Tv up on the wall so everyone could lower their IQ for a while.

And on came the Teletubbies.....

And there are several ways to watch it - the first being as an adult... the second is as a child, and the third way is to watch it as a manufactured product designed to do a particular job.

To wrap it up - it's DESIGNED to captivate and hold the short attention span of a small child for long periods of time, in order to sell products during advertisements. It's like "Snapping your fingers" and the TV immediately GRABS and HOLDS the childs attention - the lights, the coulours, the sounds and the "action" - and the simple "Oooo Ahhh" diologue - of empathising with the child....

With all the jiggling shit on the screen, well women have never seemed to have grown out of that crap.

Their little attention spans just go "Click" to the jiggling dick, selling "Fun, Fun, Fun".....

Idiots pick Idiots. Hurruh for them.

And being disappointed that the idiot chicks pick other guys? Why? Since when is wrapping yourself up in a write off, a bad thing?

Best be rid of them.

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@CherylMoreno: Fuck Off Idiot.

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Techno1954 1 month ago

Replace “he” with “she”, have her read it, and see if she’s self aware.

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SOLID MGTOW MONK 1 month ago

Women create 90% of the problems then blame men for 100% of the problems.

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Hammerhead69 1 month ago

Kind of typical whore isn't she.

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