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Women don't sexually assault men... (Debunked)

Jay K
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Published on 17 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

Imagine a man did the same thing to a woman. Feminists would have crucified him. But because she is a woman, she can sexually assualt a man.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

Been groped and peeped a few times women have no self control.

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поклоняющийся богу варвар

sorry for that, im usually patient with these broads, but can't help but slap the shit out of a girl that touch me in my thing, especially when it all the way soft, it's very humilating so i lose my cool, but yeah man sorry for that

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MR Mayhem
MR Mayhem 2 months ago

LOL The problem is not that she groped him and nothing happened, the problem is that if roles were reversed he'd be getting raped in prison.

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Councilof1 2 months ago

That shit used to piss me off. I've encountered it more than once. They never got the reaction they expected.

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I think people like to just grope each other... but fuck the feminists and their screeching bullshit.... I don't mind putting out for a good fuck... but I am not meat to be grabbed at, off a silver platter.... AND I occassionally have women who are sexual pests, they intrude into my life without asking, which is just plain rude. And they take being told to fuck off, as a turn on, because I am being dominant and using rude words or maybe they are just being talked too... There are a few sex pests I'd like to kick their fucking heads in, as in "Go Away" with emphasis on the "I really don't like you" part., Their harrassment crap, is like being groped when your below the age of consent, it's the persistent pressure to hook you into their crap - that is what pisses me off the most. My my own "retarded cunt of a stalker" Mrs Road Cone Fucker, and her bullshit marriage..... and her pressuring me as an exit strategy - I got home at about 9.15 pm and was unloading the car.... and the cunt starts orbiting the block on foot in the dark, out the front of my place (she has been doing that for years), and I unload some gear for 5 minutes, go inside for 20 minutes and come back out, and then within 2 minutes, I hear her unlocking her back gate, so she can get a better look at me in her dark back yard, and this happens 4 or 5 times in a row, over several hours..... This shit happens so often and it's been going on for a long time... She is a sex addict - She is a sexual pest.

And that chick in the video - I'd smash her fucking teeth down her throat.

No gropy gropies with me - ever.

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