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Women Don't Look Like Women Anymore - MGTOW

Published on 18 May 2024 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Sebastian De La O and here's what he's got to say: "If a group wanted to destroy the West they wouldn't attack traditional male role models. They would empower the women to undermine the work ethic and very identity of the men folk. When women are told ''they don't owe men pretty'', that obesity is beauty and bad attitudes rule, then male role models are undermined. And over all of society suffers. AAron Clarey says that ''Thin women with long hair and feminine qualities motivate men to produce.'' He calls it the Orgasms per Capita Ratio'' and he is correct. That recent video called 'Furries attacking normal kids in school'' is the most telling commentary. Where are the manly fathers and older brothers who would slap a child who was weak and barking like a dog? I say people do not work harder than they have to work. With no feminine women then why should a man try? Once at a crowded bar I joined two women at a table. I could sense one lady nod to her friend. I got the vibes that they wanted me to ask one to dance. Sorry, but I wasn't feeling it. The second woman glanced at me, saw I was not going to take her to the dance floor and she resigned herself to her cell phone. That look, feeling of resignation stayed with me. That is the feeling I think old men like me and young boys face. Women in the West, simply are not going to perform like traditional women. There are no girly, feminine, sexy ladies in sun dresses. When you add the Welfare State that rewarding women for being single mothers and easy abortions, the face of American womanhood is destroyed. Toss in ''Girls gone wild'' videos and college co-eds sleeping around etc and maybe the Conspiracy theorists are correct and ''someone has been planning our demise''. They seem to have succeeded. See ya and remember to Boycott Mexican Beer. Well Sebastian thanks for the donation and topic. I've heard the Aaron Clarey argument many times that fertility and marriage rates because women are overweight and unattractive today. He's not wrong but that's only one factor. Fertility rates were crashing in the 60s and 70s thanks to the pill, no fault divorce and abortion. Not to mention urbanization and so much more. Plus feminism promoted the idea that women didn't have to conform to beauty standards that men wanted. But of course men still have to be thin and muscular and conform to women's ideals of men. But the simps are still producing even while dating three hundred pound hungry hungry bimbos. So Aaron is wrong about most men walking away because of the poor quality of cooch these days in the west. I think that guys aren't working all that hard these days because social mobility is being destroyed. Also, the reason women don't look like women anymore is because men in the west are thirsty and don't hold them to account. You go to Eastern Europe and men will still shame fat women the way that Al Bundy did during his days working in the shoe store on the show married with Children. They don't care what women think of them. Women in those countries keep feminine in their youth but they also age out like western women, the only thing they don't generally do is get fat. But everything else is the same as their western counterparts. I'll discuss more in a moment but first let me tell everyone about today's sponsor Me The Sandman:

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iMickey503 1 month ago

Man, I have looming of this for at least the last couple of days. After the TFM stream finished on Rumble on my TV, (I snoozed off a bit after the 6 hour point) I woke up to beautiful skinny women on a beach gyrating their bodies to trace/edm music.

Seeing this first thing in the morning absoulutly made my day so far.
I'm happy.
Took a shower, flossed on a Sunday, & came right back to my room to dry off.
Greeted by the same wonderful sights on a 65" TV.

and Feel like going out for a coffee and getting some things done.
At this very moment, I am sitting here at my local coffee shop up the street. Watching all these wonderful white all stars of people enjoying a sunny midcast sunday afternoon.

I am fucking HAPPY!!!!
Connected my Headphones over Bluetooth so no wires.
Listening to Deftones or anything else I want over YT Music no Comercials.
Haveing a Marvouls time.

A man was snapping Photos, and said "I did not get you in the Photo" happy to tell him "Don't worry about! This is America, we have freedoms here. He even looked like he felt a bit umcomfy knowing that. Lolz. Fuck em!

Dropped 20 in the Tip jar for my coffee I can never remember the name of what it is.
That staff just knows what i want and remember as long as the DUde barista is manning the machine.
I am FUCKING Loving life.

The DAYS if Being UGLY are gone.
I want Aesthetics!

The worlds problems are not mine.
I only care about myself.
I am Going my own way.
Go yours.
(づ  ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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