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Women Demand Wages For Housework LOL - MGTOW

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Published on 20 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

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‘We demand wages for housework’

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video isn't brought to you by any donations because I didn't get any fore today. If you want to suggest a topic and send a donation you can at the subscribestar, bitcoin or paypal links down below. I found and ancient BBC video called: "We demand wages for housework" which I've linked below. The summary of the video is this and I quote: "In the 1970s, an international campaign demanded that governments recognise the value of unpaid work done in the home, primarily by women. Founded in Italy the ‘Wages for Housework’ movement argued that the entire capitalist system was based on free domestic labour. Witness History spoke to one of the founders, Mariarosa Dalla Costa about the campaign." unquote. The video says that housework is the only work that isn't considered work. It's also the only labor you don't retire from. You also don't get wages for it. Back in the 1970s in Italy women demanded free money from the guberment. That politicians recognize that the value of unpaid work done in the home. The campaign was setup in 1972 by an international feminist collective. But instead of giving women free money the establishment encouraged women to go into the workplace. After that many women had to do their unpaid labor at home as well as the workplace. If Italy had printed money and handed it to housewives the inflation rate would have spiked through the roof but productivity in the economy wouldn't have gone up. Inflation benefits the wealthy asset holders. So when women went off to work on mass everything became more expensive and real wages began to stagnate. A man's wage used to be able to be enough to pay for all of the expenses of a household because men are more likely to band together and strike for higher wages or walk away from wages they see as an insult. Notice that in the last twenty or thirty years you hardly hear of strikes anymore? Do you really think that's not happening anymore because people are being paid a fair wage. You would expect worker strikes now more than ever with the high rates of inflation. But you don't see that because a mixed male and female workplace isn't a unified front. Mariorosa the organizer demanding wages for housework said that house workers had great power and that they could withdraw their labor and refuse to reproduce another generation of workers. In essence she was advocating that women go their own way back in the 1970s. In a way many of them did as the Italian population has begun shrinking and in the next thirty years is poised to fall by over 1/6th or ten million people. I'll discuss more about women wanting to get paid to do sub par house work in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen:

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

Go ahead DEMAND it. We already walked away, and you will drive more men away. Besides, we already do: It's welfare for single mothers. We hadn't reached peak clown world yet...

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Fangs13 2 months ago

may our birthrates and marriages hopefully strike the historical heights of an absolute ZERO% and may the single bachelors sky rocket in numbers. our clown world should become a world wide mental asylum. madness is the norm, and sanity is long gone forsaken.

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MrJman 2 months ago

Too entitled. I don't know what they'll do since mgtow is growing. I guess they'll get their independence.

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Women demand payment for house work.....


Deduct the cost of providing you FREE accomodation.
Deduct the cost of providing you FREE food.
Deduct the cost of providing you FREE utilities - power, heating, cooling, gas, water etc.
Deduct the cost of providing you FREE internet.
Deduct the cost of providing you FREE house work work savers - like dish washers, vacuum cleaners, ovens, stoves, hot and cold running water.
Deduct the cost of providing you FREE sex.

Oh - she sits on her arse all day and does fuck all, and goes out shopping for stupid shit with my money?

And this is how much it costs to keep her on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis?

Then pack your bags and fuck off you free loading parasite.

(If someone can do a ball park figure for their own locality for all of this - it would be appreciated.)

Pay for 2 hours of house cleaning every 2 weeks, and a GOOD registered / health checked prostitute for an hour once a month.

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GenerationLESS 2 months ago

Wages? It's called barter work.

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AwfulDIGGER 2 months ago

Did/Does the "unpaid housework" convo ever include the maintenance, repairs, and upgrades that men provide(d)? *awaits femons' irrational and emotional response*

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