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Women Are Going On A Sex Strike - MGTOW

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Published on 05 Aug 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from James. He didn't give me a topic so what I wanted to do is discuss the proposterous idea that because RoeVWade has been overturned in the United States ugly and unattractive women want to punish men by going on a sex strike. Someone one the Going Your Own Way Dot com forum posted this and I quote: "Women are calling for a 'sex strike' to send a message to men that these strong & empowered WAHHmens ain't to be messed with! Jokes on them, we all know they lack the capacity to say 'NO' to a Chad. The men they're supposedly 'threatening' are the ones they would never so much as give the time of day to. My money says they won't go more than 7 days without a spin on the carousel. And I'm being generous in the time frame I've allotted. They probably won't last three days without it. Women CRAVE attention more than men crave sex. Who has all the power here again? My sex doll your vibrator. unquote" The person posting this also shared a video from Paul Joseph Watson where he says that women are using abortion as a form of contraception. That it's time women refuse to give their boyfriends, husbands and random guys nookie. No more promiscuous sex with strangers. Like that's every going to happen. They believe that abstinence will get men to take the side of women's rights. That all the blue pilled simps will scream out in unison like npcs by saying someone please think of all the all the unused and sad vajayjays out there? Watson says that the women promoting the sex strike are mostly the ones that are unbangable and it's easy to go on a sex strike if no one wants to have sex with you. One woman he shared a clip from began to advocate for forced lesbianism. To that Watson asked does that mean that sexual orientation is a choice instead of something you're born with destroying the woke left's arguement. I got into a debate with someone about roe vs wade in real life. I told her I believe that women should have the right to abortion. I also told her that humans at some point will need to get the fertility rate above replacement and that in Romania during the cold war banning abortion did that. And it might work in China soon too as they have restricted abortions. I don't agree with authoritarian regimes and think the compromise that Scotus has reached by allowing individual states to decide for themselves is the best we can hope for. Either that happens or authoritarian regimes outbreed the west and take over. Or eventually governments take over the function of reproduction and go all Brave New World on us. I just find it laughable that land whales that can't even go on a hunger strike are claiming they are about to go on a sex strike. It's like that old line where you tell your boss you can't fire me because I quit. Meanwhile your decision will have zero effect expect perhaps making you feel like you have some power over your destiny when in fact you're powerless. Women have already been going on a sex strike thanks to hookup culture. Many blue pill men out there are thirstier than ever because they are virgins and don't have a clit to call their own. Besides it's mostly the ugly women that are saying they are going on a sex strike. The joke's on them because that's not a punishment for many men. That's a reward. Why would they want to copulate with cross eyed clowns with ironic glasses and gunts? I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Profit Specialist Group:

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WMHarrison94 11 days ago

It's an election year: Of course they are cocking up for another Wrong Think Purge. You have always outsmarted them Sandman.

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Duugus 11 days ago

Doesn't matter about the sub count. They know who you are and are going to pull your channel regardless.

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NoFemVAL 11 days ago

its easy to go on a sex strike when nobody wants to fuck you.

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NoFemVAL 11 days ago

its always the nasty cunts that nobody wants to fuck anyway going on a sex strike.

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InfiniteMushroom 12 days ago

Going on a sex strike, for any reason whatsoever, is the same as a breach of contract. Since JEWS have degraded marriage into a business contract, at best, then let's look at the unwritten but, well established terms of that contract.

Marriage exists to produce fruit; mainly future workers for the State. The enjoyment of the process of making said fruit can be viewed as a reward for performance. Such rewards also produce fruit of the economic variety and the man is almost always the one producing economic fruit albeit in a sharecropping arrangement, where the State takes its share. It's actually as simple as that.

When a wife goes on a sex strike, she is violating the terms of the contract and causing direct harm to the State. It should be viewed right up there with refusing to pay taxes. The marriage ceases to produce workers and the husband ceases to produce wealth for the State. The wife's actions are clearly malevolent and intentional. Both the State and the husband are due compensation for loss. Therefore, the State is OBLIGATED to punish her since she is in direct violation of the terms of the contract.

Now, JEWS are expert liars and destroyers. According to the commands of their father, the Devil, to destroy productive unions, where Jews are not intended to be the beneficiaries, is a god-given right afforded to them. (((TPTB))) may say among themselves that the Talmud and Torah grants them the right to be as LAMPREYS upon the body-politic but, fuck their evil god and fuck the JEWS. And fuck the Christ-tards who offer their own bodies for LAMPREY JEWS to suck blood from.

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