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Women Are Getting Desperate? - MGTOW

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Published on 03 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Teaven and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, I have another topic for you. Over the past few months I've noticed A lot of average looking women as Cam girls or ethots on Twitter advertising their bodies cheaply. What's really strange about it is that usually it's women that are 7 and up on the rating scale that would sign up for this. But now you see mostly women who are 6 and below signing up for this. Is The M.G.T.O.W movement so successful that women are desperate to be with a man by any means necessary? Or is this feminism telling women more lies about their body?" Well Teaven thanks for the donation and topic. I will agree with everything you said except the part about women advertising themselves at lower prices. This contradicts what other guys told me four or five months ago. A few guys were telling me that the cost to see a working girl has doubled since the coof started and that is with the market flooding with sub par crumpet. Just to confirm that nothing has changed in the marketplace over the last few months I went on leolist which is like Backpage but for Canadians only and the women still want three to four hundred on average for a face to ass conversation. I'm still seeing women offering hour long dirty Skype chats for a hundred and fifty bucks. Eight years ago you could bang buck naked for that amount. I guess the thot inflation rate is higher than I thought. No pun intended. Maybe the inflation statistics are being cooked too. Maybe a skype conversation with you clothes off is now considered the same as a face to face session in bed? The only person I could get on there for a hundred fifty bucks was a midget. Half price because she's half the size of a normal person I guess. I'll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Lindsay Transmission: Anyways, now back to the video. Teaven your observations that women that are sixes and below are lining up swallow seamen, virtual or real seems to be the wet and white new deal. For girls in high school the number one career prospect is all about becoming an onlyfans model. It used to be social media influencer and YouTuber before that. But those two things are hard work when compared to onlyfans. Also, no the MGTOW movement is not so successful that women are desperate to be with men by any means necessary. In fact it's the opposite because of the coof men are the desperate ones. Otherwise why would women that are three's and fours be able to charge double the price of what working girls used to charge that were seven's and eights before the coof? I guess a lot of it has to do with a lot of women not wanting to sleep with men in real life because of the dangers of catching the coof. Some of it has to do with young women working as waitresses and service jobs no longer being able to collect cash tips at works so they have decided to take cock tips instead and get cash that way. Also let's not forget that onlyfans has made online stripping socially acceptable now and that's the gateway drug to being a real life hoe. If you're already taking off your clothes and using toys on yourself in front of thousands of people having sex with one hundred of your biggest fans, no pun intended doesn't seem like it's ground breaking twat territory anymore. Women hear about other women making a fortune on onlyfans and buying a house within six months to a year and they see that it might pay off for them too. I did a video a while back about financially desperate women looking to cash in on onlyfans so they could buy Christmas presents for their cooch critters but all they were able to pull in after six months was five hundred dollars. Enough for gifts but not enough for anything else. People's spending habbits change during the coof.

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NoFemVAL 5 days ago

no cunt in your life ???? PRICELESS !!!!!!

   3    0

aaaaaaaaaaaand Bill Gates is getting divorce raped.

   6    0
ancientredpill 6 days ago

For time untold women considered their bodies and sexuality as their only asset and for far too long men reinforced that idea by
putting women on a pedestal and simping for their attention. The type of behavior we see women engaging in to will only
end when men walk away from female nature and the destruction it causes.

   5    0
captaingabi 6 days ago

Exactly. When we introduced egalitarianism, both women and men behavior patterns was not prepared for that. And its still under changing period by reinforced learning.

   2    0
hqwebsite 6 days ago

The answer for their desperation is 'the separation'.

   3    0
Weyon 6 days ago

bill gates got divorced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   8    0
SpeedWagon 6 days ago

Sounds like first world problems, in the 3rd i am seeing affluence of 'new hoes' , young girls who can't find a sucker because of covid and curfew, so they are selling their whares directly , still newcomers can have a tight body but do not make a effort to make people want to come back... There is some deflaction, more people selling the V than people with money to pay for it.

   3    0
TelepathicRapist 6 days ago

So did the prices go down for their services?

   2    0
zdoctor 6 days ago

amazing how desperate they are......AND I THOUGHT WE WERE ALL EQUAL.....amazing how men can live a minimalist life and retire early with savings yet the whaman cant save a dollar on their own. . this is the prime reason to drop the mic and walk off the stage. . save your life and go your own way. . NEVER TRUST THEM. .they will always try and take advantage of you.

   5    0
Hammerhead69 6 days ago

They're always desperate and trying for what ever they can get. They need male validation, this gives Men power unless one is a soy boi weakling. Just walk your road and let the whores crawl to you.

   7    0
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