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Women Are Frustrated No Man is Asking Them Out Anymore

Published on 25 Nov 2023 / In Film & Animation

They can be as FRUSTRATED as they like that MEN (REAL MEN), are not asking them out anymore, because the slut's have created their own demise. Look at it this way, when a market get's to flooded and the product is damaged or faulty, the price becomes very LOW VALUE or even worthless, just like women. they have allowed themselves to become a product of government and society and Feminism, so blaming MEN doesn't reall follow does it. How can a fefail blame a MAN for moving away to a place of safety for themselves? but they do when the abuse is coming from a place THEY the women created for themselves! lol! All this time they have been deridinfg MEN has made ther "Sensible" (REAL MEN" walk away and build far better lives that being prisoner to a bit odf PUSSY. How's that carol king song go? "It's to late baby, much to late"! lol! women have fucked THEMSELVES over and it is up to THEM to create a novel way of getting MEN's attention back, because women certainly don't have my attention other than negatively and mis trusting them that is.

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All the sluts and their bullshit have come out of the woodwork and just saturated the porn "market" - and now it's just wall to wall trashy cheap women....

"Oh look at me, look at me, look at me - and my cunt!"

Yeah you and 200,000,000,000 videos of unimginative piece of shit just like you....

Fuck what else is on besides 50,000 reruns of Gilligans Island?

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