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Women Are Entering Panic Mode As They Struggle to Find Good Men

Published on 09 Dec 2023 / In Film & Animation

Women are PISSED OFF bigtime now. It is becoming really noticeable in the gynocentric society that doesn't include MEN anymore, so why stay, let's just walk off into the sunset on our own and rebuilod and enjoy the solitary life using our powerful imaginative minds. Men are hemeraging away from women quicker than that women's period does. Women have NOTHING anymore to offer, they are like a fish flapping on the deck of a trawler and the fisherman just throw's it bacl in the sea. women PANIOC over things that don't matter, so can you imagine the PANIC they are in over this big issue that only "THEY" can resolve? The first problem is how do they get MEN back when their is no TRUST or PAIR BINDING left, Pair Bonding that women and women alone destroyed in the first place. The "Z"'s are pretty much completely FUCKED already, although I have noticed some "Z" boy's taking an interest in Red Pill and even MGTOW., but the majority are truly FUCKED. I'm of an age where I probable grew up (dispite the problems), in the besrt and riches society for ordinary people that has or will ever exist, this has given me learning and knowledge to copw th today's moronic SHITE. I could be a great Mentor, but no one want's to be Mentored anymore because being the miserablt VICTIM is not the norm. Like with women it is a societal norm now in women especially that individually they cant handle any tradition, because we know thanks to Feminism all women are bred to LIE and DECEIVE, what can ever change that attitude? It WILL have to come from the destroyers (the fefail side) to resolve anything?

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Councilof1 3 months ago

In my experience women enjoy being mistreated. As a teen I tried being respectful when that didn't work I treated them like something nasty I stepped in and they loved it. At that point I decided women on some level are retarded.

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saaralgris 3 months ago

Yep, that's when I realized something was wrong. So I have to be an asshole to get women to fall in line? Sorry, not my type of playground. Can't form anything long term with people who respond positively to disrespectful behavior.

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