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Women Are Cool And Should Vote.mp4

Published on 11 Oct 2019 / In Other

not a MGTOW contet per say but still valuable manosphere content this video was taken down from various platforms so a spare archive can help.

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Florian 3 months ago

Not gonna lie, she has a frog face. When I look at her I imagine a frog with a blonde wig, lol.

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awol201 2 years ago

This almost worthless slag is to sickly to reproduce , but at least she is entertaining .

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OniriumSage 2 years ago

Soooo... this was a different kind of awesome... except the hitting... you did know unsanctioned violence is illegal, right ? But, I'm gudaammit bookmarking this one. Thanks, yo ! ( no, none niga bro, cheese frome Danube Delta, neh )

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Doubt 2 years ago


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libertyanyday 3 years ago

until 1920, female biology was kept in check........ then special treatment ........ females could vote but not be called to fight for their country..........females need supervision.....

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