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Women Are Bad At Video Games - MGTOW

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Published on 27 Oct 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Esports: Why are there so few professional women gamers?

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Edward. He didn't give me a specific topic so what I'd like to do is cover a recent BBC video called: "Why are there so few professional women gamers?" and here's what the description says under that video and I quote: "The number of female gamers is growing rapidly with nearly half the world’s gamers now women and girls. But whilst there are plenty of successful female gaming influencers and personalities – few are making it in esports – the competitive side of video games. Research shared exclusively with the BBC has for the first time laid bare the lack of female success in esports and found that there are no female players in the top 300 earners and only a tiny fraction of the millions being won in competitions around the world is going to women. Our Cyber Reporter Joe Tidy speaks to female esports players to find out why there are so few women at the sharp end of gaming." So the BBC Report says that you have to scroll down to number 338 to see the first female on list named Scarlett. But get this Scarlett is a trans woman. You have to give the BBC credit for trying to be inclusive by saying that. BBC ironically can also stand for big black and the third word which I'll leave out so I don't get censored. It rhymes with flock. The next top female earner or the first depending on your perspective isn't until 680. The video is mostly interviews with female gamers asking them about what's going on. The first one is an Asian woman named Betty that's trying to make it in a game called Dotta 2. Very little of the 200 million dollars of prize money for that game has gone to women. Only six thousand three hundred. So you can see with all that money why women would be competing for it. I'll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen: Anyways, now back to women trying to compete with men and beat them at computer games clown world show. The Big Black Corporation in the UK asked 4 other professional female gamers about what was going on and one of them mentions that she gaming is a full time job that takes more than 10 to 14 hour per day. How many women do you know that have enough OCD to sit at work for that long. The reasons these women give for why women aren't winning are grounded in deluded thinking. They say that it's because of misogynistic culture in grass roots gaming. Then we hear a male player telling one of the women over the headpiece to get back to the dishes. Of course because there are so few female gamers the women coming in will never be there in sufficient number to tone police that space. That's why they've needed fake gaming women like Anita Sarkeesian to try and police gaming? Betty the Asian woman says that when it comes to guys interacting with her while she's playing they either love her or they hate her. They either spew out simp talk or trash talk. It's a man's environment where we clearly have an advantage due to our lack of need to socialise with others and our biology. Women in esports can't seem to take responsibility for losing so they blame men. To fix the problem there has been a suggestion in Formula 1 esports to guarantee a spot for a woman in each race. But you know that it means that it will just a tranny being given pole position. In the race that is. Many of them know all about that. One of the girls says she wouldn't play games if there was a separate division for females and males. Why not? Is her answer because she won't get game attention either positive or negative? What is it? She says it wouldn't be any fun if they only had to play against other women. This might be true for the top female players but not all of them. She seems to evade giving a real meaningful and truthful answer.

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catsspat 10 months ago

There are plenty of women "gamers" making big bucks. They don't win in the games, though.
Men play to win. Women (at least the smarter ones) play to entertain.
Example? VTubers.

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I once had a companion rat for a while, and he / she ????? was pretty good... Until it got out and Jesus asked it to be returned to heaven.... they chew through wiring and start house fires.... a preventative measure you see.....

But the standard rat has it's black iris, and an extremely dark brown pupil, so the eye looks more or less black.

Asian people have similar colour schemes to rats eyes.

Just saying.

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I like the Asian Chick on the right.... AND I can feel the age / fertility discriminator in action.....

The HOT YOUNGER CHICK = Instantly into fuck mode.

The OLD broads = Instantly Invisible.

This is an actual biological phenomenon - AND it takes only a second or so... THREE women, OLD, then CRAZY LOOKING (faked enthuisiasm), and good looking, young (enough), fit and fertile. So it's NO and NO and YES. Just like that.

Instantly interested in the viable breeder and the other two... Naaa.

This is why pre-wall women start spending up on anti-wrinkle / ageing lotions, potions and creams....

All the make up and cake up - because biologically speaking, they are gonners....

They HAVE reached the end of their football field and ARE out of the game.

And this is why ALL the women who only rode the cock carousel and never developed brains, character and personable life skills as a spouse and partner, are old wrecks on the rocks....

Once the cunt goes, they as people - are on the nose.

Yay Feminism - the women have played themselves out of the game entirely.

False Accusers, Thieves and Liars.

And NON too bright either.

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NoFemVAL 10 months ago

cunts are only really good at making babies....everything else, they are just LARPing.

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ericsanchez 10 months ago

Yup 100% Facts bro! I agree

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I am a bit old and dim.... I forget... What does LARPing stand for?

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InfiniteMushroom 10 months ago

@Life_N_Times_of_Shane_T_Hanson: Had to look it up myself. Live Action Role Playing. I guess that means people are so fucking fake that they're living out the games they play in real life. The boundaries between reality and gaming gets real fuzzy for some.

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InfiniteMushroom 10 months ago

Women are becoming like reptiles and cold-blooded creatures. Warm blooded mammals give birth and raise their young. Reptiles mate, lay their eggs, and the female's job is done at that point. Today's women are no better than the garden lizards or frogs you sometimes see in your yard.

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InfiniteMushroom 10 months ago

[Boomer Rant ON] . Gaming.... fucking worthless waste of time. Absolutely NOTHING useful gets done. Who is actually paying these clowns to play these stupid games?

I can't wait until it all crashes and burns and every highway overpass is abundantly decorated by TPTB hanging by the neck! Like meat wind chimes gently bumping together as the tractor-trailers roll by with stuff Made in America instead of Made In China. Smoke Stack America 1952 should be the near-term goal. Henry Ford would be the National Idol instead of Fentanyl Floyd.

The REAL America! 90% White, segregated schools and neighborhoods, a powerful middle- and working-class, lots of factory jobs, good pay, fags and dykes kept in the closet, and the Jew Mind Virus utterly purged. [/Boomer Rant OFF]

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