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Women Are Always Victims - MGTOW

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Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Surviving Fourth Wave Feminism: The War on the West - VOLUME 2

Jordan Peterson's Warning

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Bob, also known As Dr. B Real the author of the two volume book series called the Surviving Fourth Wave Feminism. This is my review of the 1st chapter in book volume number two. If you want to get a copy as well as one of the books by today's sponsor Luca Vendetti both links are down below. Now on with my review. The chapter is called Everything Is Sexist - Feminists competing for the the status of the biggest victim. The first three words "everything is sexist" makes me think of Anita Sarkeesian. Bob says that feminism is all about redistributing money from men who work to women who don't by painting women as victims. Each wave of feminism needs to adapt to keep the donations rolling in. That's why if everything is sexist then the gravy train into cavernous feminist vaginas will never end. He brings up Daisy Cousens his fellow Australian woman who says that feminism is not about liberating women but it's about controlling them to attack the actual independent and liberated women. The conservative ones. I don't think he's aware that conservative women are almost as bad as feminist women because they are just nice covert slave masters of men instead of ones that want to overtly control us. He then brings up the hierarchy of female victim status. That a white woman is a victim. But a black woman is a greater victim. That a black female trans midget is the winner of the oppression Olympics. The more a woman is a victim the more she needs to be paid by men. But with 4th wave feminism men can now be women and say they have a vagina so they too can compete in the oppression Olympics as well as female athletes in the actual Olympics and to prevent them from doing so is sexist because they are the biggest victims now. That's when Bob brings up Anita Sarkeesian and says that she's one of the prime examples of women making a living off the business of 4th wave feminism. That may have been true about five years ago but based on looking at her YouTube channel Feminist Frequency she probably makes about four to five hundred dollars in ad revenue from it. She made half a million to a million dollars back in the day and released videos that might have only taken a month or two to research and make. Bob says that feminism is all about redistributing wealth from predominately white males and handing it to everyone else below them on the oppression pyramid. Everything is sexist including air conditioning because women feel cold more than men, airbags because women sit closer to the steering wheel and even the truth because it can hurt a woman's feelings. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor I mentioned earlier the MGTOW Collection Part 2: Anyways, now back to vaginas are just a social construct clown world show. Bob continues by saying that meritocracy is sexist because a vagina is more important than a business return. History is sexist because men invented everything without giving women a chance to do it first, national anthems because they don't reference women enough and even retirement funds and bitcoin because men invest more money into those things. His list goes on for one 15 pages and gives us 100 things that are sexist. I'll point of the twenty or thirty that I find the funniest or most interesting. The next point of note is women complaining about sex dolls that objectify women and that a female doll is a victim because she doesn't give consent. Monogamy is sexist because it denies women sex. Hence why we are seeing with the social acceptance of polyamory lately. But if a woman has multiple boyfriend and someone says something about it then they are
slut shaming her and need to be punished. Some of these points are contradictory. For example if a kid has a father it's sexist because women can do it alone.

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BigBrianUK 7 months ago

If they are ALWAYS victims, they cannot and never will be equal.

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hqwebsite 7 months ago

That electrocuted female supervisor reminds me of this meme;


Conversion of AC to DC

The M is the 3 phase induction motor
So, you are first rectifying a single phase ac supply to dc and then inverting it to three phase
The rectifying part is different in all 3.

The first one is least efficient and your motor will be pretty much useless with that.

The second one is slightly better.
In the second one, IGBT will be ON for only one cycle.

The third one is the best
In the third one, at least one will be ON All the time

TLDR: She is IGBT chan, or a switch. Also works as thyrestor. She is continually TURNED ON in third case only.

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Vandetta 7 months ago

Also I view Feminism as a Death Cult, that's self explanatory given the methods it uses and it's outcomes.

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Vandetta 7 months ago

Women being able to bare children is sexist, when a different woman is infertile because she's overweight and drugged up. Checkmate.

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