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Women's Subjective Value, DMV Harassment, Twitter Source Code Leak, + More!

Published on 27 Mar 2023 / In Film & Animation

Women have a hard time accepting that value is subjective. Also, Babylon Bee prophecies, baby break in, Twatter leaks, anti-piracy oopsie, students vs transformers, DMV harassment, and women being perpetual victims. Plus, doom approaches in Let's End the World!

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Never_Again 1 year ago

ME. I Am MAN. My Daughter. Keep in mind, 1980 I Be 62yo.


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People HATE Me For Doing Such. Really Do Gnashing of Teeth Evil Hate. You Can Down Load a PDF For Free & Study If You Care About Our Family Units. Look For It Being Used On Different Nation States. Some Cases Are So Wretched You May Get a Little Ticked Off Too. :) As With Today Wife Got Caught Fibbing OF Abuse By Me Straight Off. My Mother Siting Behind Me in The Audience (she was Only one) in All Five Court Settings No One Showed Up Was Staring Straight @ Her She Hung Her Head In Shame & Broke Down Crying Where She Was Excused From The Witness Stand. Thanks Mom, I Miss Her Much. :)

Three Babies So Far. Three Mommies Three Different Lands - Washington / Alaska / Michigan / ask Kansas - Senator Jerry Moran We Bee Buddies Philly IRS Headquarters & US Treasury—Learn / Study Just As Me ! The Supervisor aka CPA Told Me That My Stuff Is Gonna Be a Part of The Agents / Accountants Training For Fetching Executor Over Standing Our Assigned American E-State One Share Each ! Just Imagine The Fair Market Value Of Just ONE Full On Carrier Group Which Have More Than One Attack Sub Marine Divided By ~300 Million shareholders / True Owner ! Please Fetch This One Study Hard & Heavy. Contact Me If Your Desire Is That U Wish.?! DGfamilyH@cheerful.com Have a Great Day! Thank You for Your Time & Considerations, Darryl Gene; family Harcourt PERIOD aka P.I.B. aka Private Individual Banker Executor Over Standing His Own Assigned A Mer I Can E-State PERIOD מַר, אָדוֹן, א', אד', כְּבוֹד-

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Never_Again 1 year ago

02:30:30 ... You Can Lock Down Their Whole American Estate including All Commercial Paper Such / Accounts such as DL, IDs, Bank Accounts, Debit / CC, Car Registration, Insurance, Welfare, Bammy Phone, Ect., Unemployment, SSI, Everything 90 Days
Plus One Second After a Default Judgement Even. Holder In Due Course Stuff. YT Has Vids.

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