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Woman Working With Men INSTANTLY Regrets It & Plays VICTIM

Published on 04 Mar 2024 / In Entertainment
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usr6874038614 1 month ago

1st clip : now tell me again that women are NOT controlled by their whoremoans...

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sauger1001 2 months ago

9:00. She's lucky they didn't make her a Hod carrier. She wouldn't have time to whine ... then again, maybe she would. Lol!

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SolidSnake33 2 months ago

Men on construction sites need to eat so: back to kitchen!

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I bet she can't even figure out how to get the bread out of the wrapper..... "Awww fuck - this is so sexist!" Reeeeeee.

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Never_Again 2 months ago

07:15 ... That's what you get with governmental welfare workforce, a bunch of retards that no matter the cost$ involved they tend to waste time, money & efforts / resources of others willy-nilly & then bitch, moan & complain of taxes & governmental waste.

I'd fire every mother fucker on that crew involved & give her a slap on the ass education after work hours on the clock & get paid for it all determined by me.
Fucking ass holes do that shit to boys & girls alike because all they are bread & circus dumb fucking monkeys.

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saaralgris 2 months ago

My heart goes out to the first girl's boyfriend...hope dude knows how she truly feels, if not he's going to have such a rude awakening....

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