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Woman lets Walmart have it as she quits over PA system - [09

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Published on 17 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣Woman lets Walmart have it as she quits over PA system - [09

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bigintol03 1 month ago

Bravo sweetie!

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SchemeHub 1 month ago

WM has about 10x surveillance per 1x isle, the place is not natural lol (by increments it's going to be 100% robot served)

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KEEPER 1 month ago

I never worked at Walmart, but I have worked at a grocery store, and I hate to say this but it's pretty fucking common that they treat me like shit.

Every store pretends that they treat you like a family, but it's all bulshit and you eventually realize that it's all bulshit.

Anyway, I'm glad that she did this and uploaded it as well. LOL

It was definitely worth the effort, and who knows maybe more people will jump on board and say the same thing.

However, I also see a possibility that these people will be replaced anyway, right now we're thinking that this will improve things at Walmart, but in the long run especially in this day and age, I doubt that it will help anybody as corporate or get in there and replace everybody with robots.

Then all of these people will be out of work, and they won't be able to make money at Walmart I will have to learn something else.

However I fully expect other businesses and companies out there are going to automate, especially since a lot of jobs are not being filled and they're always hiring and everyone who's on unemployment doesn't want to get off, so when the welfare Runs Out oh, these people will be shit out of luck when they have to get a job because it will be replaced with robots.

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

At some point, the robots will have to be sabotaged and Wal-Mart headquarters attacked by massive hordes of angry unemployed and underemployed Goyim. The sociopaths of the Top 1% look to see what Wal-Mart can get away with and they follow suit. To be robbed of employment for the sake of greater profits is the moral equivalent of having your horse stolen from you in the Old West. A man depended on his horse to get around and make a living. To take his horse (or modern serf their job) is a virtual death sentence. Our (((Reaganomics))) paradigm robs men of their careers where no economic need exists yet, the demands to pay for the necessities of life are only increased. When all legitimate "work" is automated or offshored (stolen), what kind of work is left? Gigs, hustles, con jobs, skims, scams, internet ripoffs, crypto bullshit, peddling stupid shit, and other useless surrogate activities. NO. Destroy the robots, punish the parasitic Top 1% (THEY are the Useless Eaters), squeeze them without mercy and force them to repatriate their offshore bank accounts, MAKE THEM PAY, audit the Big Corporations quarterly and prohibit them from passing off the costs of Justice, and let the chips fall where they may.

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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Alpha Male Lifestyle 1 month ago

I worked at Walmart in 2000 for 3 months and I agree with everything she said.

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