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Woman Instantly REGRETS Divorcing Her Husband | When Women Hit The Wall

Published on 20 Nov 2023 / In Entertainment

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saaralgris 8 months ago

She has some nerve talking about someone else's looks....out here looking like a horror villain

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 8 months ago

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That guy was a bit extreme inviting himself on the cruise. A little needy there. It even sounds like he was "borrowing" stuff to make himself look good. Rather than build himself up.

If the article is true, then that femon will NEVER be happy with whomever she is with.

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sauger1001 8 months ago

23:05. "I knew that it would bother him..."
He fvcked up by cohabitating with a waah☻️man in the first place. THEN, having kids with her. Oh well, sucks to be him.

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Leader_Desslok 8 months ago

i guess that she found out the actual high price of the proverbial "free lunch ". ! this is what she gets for being a mooch !

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Mustang 8 months ago

What's wrong with Golden Corral?!?!?! I eat there all the time. It's certainly better than Fast Food!!! I would much better eat there than Mickey D's.
Oh by the way, I'm missing a front tooth also. I guess I am not worthy of her affections. I'll live.

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sauger1001 8 months ago

Cheaper then Cheesecake Factory, and I like both of them. Lol!

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