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Woman Goes VIRAL For Falsely Accusing Man At Gym

Darius M
Darius M
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Published on 14 Jun 2022 / In Entertainment
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Fangs13 4 months ago

butts aren't an area for charming. why do men get bewitched with such a nasty area?

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NoFemVAL 4 months ago

Fuck that stupid cunt.....have her trespassed -

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Drums_McBashington 4 months ago

Her eyes betray her. She glances at them as she starts the charade.

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Actually throwing the stupid cunt out and cancelling her membership - just get rid of her - that was the best thing they could do. Women who are false accusers basically deserve what ever they get - starting with a good beating and a broken FLAT nose.

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Women recording themselves... on their own cameras at the gym.....
Most women are too stupid to be creative.
Then she gets busted for using her camera in the gym and part way stripping - fully clothed - no sports bras.
She is a retarded nasty cunt.
Give her a beating, and a free ride to the dumpster.

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Menwalkaway 4 months ago



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