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Woman Gets Rejected & Refuses To Take L | I Am Not Attracted To You | Analysis

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Published on 22 Jun 2022 / In People & Blogs

In our previous video we talked about the concept of the Ultimatum show. Marry or move on. Couples put their love to the test by moving in with potential matches in a provocative reality show. Now in this video we’re finally gonna break down the "I am not attracted to you" clip.

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Lucifer333 7 days ago

Its actually a good thing she is upfront about the money part, but she hit the wall a long time ago, and I am not going to pay premium for a car with a lot of mileage on it, she is not really a virgin is she.

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sauger1001 7 days ago

Great analogy. He didn't simp for her. He gave her brutal honesty, therefore she didn't get a chance to reject him. . . first. And that's why he's an ass hole in her eyes. She tried to stir up drama with his (ex) gf, but it didn't work. Seemed to try to force herself to cry, but even that didn't work.
Ego: BruIsed.

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WMHarrison94 7 days ago

More drama crap from tv, but bro, you had a good break down. I am to the point women are good for fucking if they maintained themselves. I have two NAWALT sisters, my dad's doing of course along with uncles and granfathers. My youngest the baby sister is creeping towards feminism, but Joe Biden's 'Administration" woke her up from that. Bitches Be Crazy! Save yourself from the hassle and their webs of lies. Most of them are spiders who eat your insides, your soul, when trap or entangle you.

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