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Published on 06 Apr 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

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Go your own way guys

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PlazmoidialSoup 2 months ago

Drag her off the hood and let her head bounce on the street.
Never go to the ground...

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mrghoster 2 months ago

Big strong independent HO manages to pull off a wiper blade! lol! Fefails have all these safe spaces now and MEN are not allowed. Maybe it's time to have women BAN's on certain places like in Cabs with a MALE driver? for his safety not her's. This is like watching a guy being attacked by an animal, in this case a little poisoned dwarf DEMON, it even looks like a DEMON?

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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 3 months ago

00:45 of course the black guy recording tells the driver "doont hit her dawg..." He is the white knight who would start beating his ass for disrespecting his blackBashar.
He was recording NOT for the driver, but for the black qweeen. If he had struck her you would have a hate crime charge brought up on him and this black guy would have used the video as evidence *Against* him.

What a Bastard.

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Grin_Reaper 3 months ago

If that happened to me I would smack that hoe. Then I would go to town with the cuck holding the camera.

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UnwillingVillian 3 months ago

As usual, the only way to win is not to play. Even though that bitch was obviously in dire need of an old school attitude adjustment, if he'd defended himself he would've been attacked. Welcome to current year clown world.

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Mgtow_economics 3 months ago

The Jewish media is destroying us. They are preventing us from lashing out or exerting control over these 304s. If that man did a thing to her, the jewish media would hound him mercilelessly and force the authorities to act. It's all a big scam to destroy/ erase our people and protect zionism.

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UnwillingVillian 3 months ago

@Mgtow_economics: ...& who's allowing this to happen? I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm saying we can blame Jews or whoever, or we can start taking some positive productive action. Step #1 of course being calling lame stream media out on their hypocrisy, fake news propoganda, etc.

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Straven 3 months ago

Don't punch her!? Bullshit, punch the bitches gdm lights out before she does something else, like fckn biting the man over and over again, no doubt she's got more then a few somethings you for damn sure don't want her saliva getting into your blood stream.

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FL_Steve 3 months ago

Yeah. "Don't hit her". How'd that white knighting work out for him?

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bluewaters 3 months ago

He needs a rabies shot now

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awol201 3 months ago

It is wrong . But i laughed when she bit him .

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Doggk 3 months ago

I had the same issue with this video : ( https://www.mgtow.tv/v/WLMBtc ) I couldn't stop laughing when the dad started to beat his son and yell at him...

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Shadewalker 3 months ago

You white knights get what you deserve.

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sithsith 3 months ago

You bite me bitch, I punch your teeth at the same time!!

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