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Wolf Moon (Live) - Type O Negative - Peter Steele Tribute

Published on 19 Mar 2023 / In Music

Cornucopia/Wolf Moon (Live) video from Symphony For The Devil dvd (2007) Included in October Rust album (1996). Live at Bizarre Festival August/22/1999, Cologne, Germany.

FUCKING Great Band and People. Great Voice, Great Bass and Man when those WarDrums Kick in, Just Pure Godly Awesumness and Makes you Feel Alive Inside.

Respects to Peter Steele, Enjoy and Godspeed \G/

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pathologicalimbicile 3 months ago  

my fav type O song :)

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Mines as well I like that it was in the movie underworld or someone on Currytube made it to fit underworld however that video quality wasn't all that so I thought I'd use the best version and this was it and Has the Band performing Legendary to the Crowd and Had to Upload. God bless Type 0 Negative and their souls Godspeed \G/

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