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Woke Women In Science Fiction - MGTOW

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Published on 16 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Randy and he wanted me to cover woke moments in science fiction. We have been talking behind the scenes about shows like The Expanse, Raised By Wolves and Brave New World. For this video I want to mostly discuss this latest season of The Expanse where one of the male actors, Cas Anvar was cancelled for supposedly mistreating groupies at conventions. I'll discuss a bit later how they wrote him out of the final season after they had already finished the season and his death was almost as lame as when they wrote Kevin Spacy's president Underwood out of House of Cards. If you don't like spoilers about these three shows and possibly others then don't listen. If you don't care or have already seen them then follow me. But before I discuss them let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Swan Bitcoin:
Anyways, now back to the clown world show. In the Expanse in season five we are fully acquainted with a charter named named Marco Inaros. There are three different factions in the solar system in a future where humans have successfully colonized the solar system and developed a rocket engine that burns 99% more efficiently than today's rockets. Those are the Earthers, Martians and Belters. So Marco is a Belter and is the former lover of one of the main characters Naimi Nagata and they have a son together. But shortly after they had their boy Marco hid him from her and Naomi looked for him and couldn't find him so she stopped searching and moved on with her life. In the typical single mother fashion Marco told their son Filip Inaros that his mother had abandoned him and because of that he turned him against her. Eventually she finds him and then tries to turn Filip against his father Marco. Marco has made a play that makes him the most powerful man in the solar system. He's armed with Martian warships, he was a super weapon that can destroy Earth called the protomolecule and he's also been hurling stealth asteroids at the earth killing millions of humans and he's warning them that the Ring, a giant wormhole in space connected to thousands of other solar systems belongs to him and that humans one earth are restricted to their planet and need to stay away from the rest of the solar system. So Naomi is reunited with the most powerful man in the system that she could probably seduce if she chose to and rule many world's as his queen and get her son back and yet she doesn't do that. She instead tries to turn her son against his father. That part I believe. But women have a nasty habit of trying to contact you again out of the blue once they see you have power. Her character is masculine minded while his character is feminine minded. Using women's dirty tricks against them. Also from the looks of things he also appears to be going his own way. So I like him for that. You know only a man going his own way could accomplish so much if he didn't have a space slut taking his zero G cum shots. So Marco is female minded and Naomi is masculine minded. It is somewhat plausible because she's an engineer and many of those tend to be autistic.

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READING the Expanse is much better than watching it. Most of what you complain about isn't present because it's not Amazon fucking it up. Plus, book#8 shows how female nature will override nurture if the opportunity presents itself, the same way it happened with Mikhaila Peterson.

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Gray Rock Snake
Gray Rock Snake 18 days ago

I dont understand. there are no women in these movies/shows. At least I cant see any character asking a male character the question that defines a woman now : "Can go with you boom boom shot time?"

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WMHarrison94 18 days ago

Damn Sandman, I thought you would have figured this out: AOC's Green New Deal depends on them capturing the rolling of our forefathers and heroes in their graves! How else are you going to power the cities with just wind and sunlight? I mean look at Texas during our Artic Blast in February? Green Tech fails during extremes; much like feminist leaders, especially in Denmark.

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Brian Coley
Brian Coley 17 days ago

Green tech supplies 4% of the energy needs of Texas! Any failure of heat and power WAS due to the failure of coal, oil and gas generators to winters their stockpiles at the generating plants, or to bury deep their supply pipelines. Don't just come here and regurgitate some Tucker Carlson bullshit!

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Duugus 19 days ago

How is treating groupies bad a thing, since groupies offer themselves to be treated bad? Remember the Trump pussy tape, he was just talking about women that are groupies. Yes, grab their puss, they expect it. Feminism has arrived in the group pool. They want equality and respect in the morning.

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RoboCat 19 days ago

female minded and power hungry go hand-in-hand, yeah.

But here's a grand-master level protip; They don't care about "women in X" or "blacks in Y". Sex and race are irrelevant to them except as tools to push leftist orthodoxy to , for example, cause a gradual corruption of government under their orthodoxy by pretending that they are concerned about "sexism" or "racism". This cannot be understated; THEY. DON'T. CARE about sex/sexism or race/racism. They never did. It was always about pushing leftism with the end goal of the most extremist form of leftism, I.e. socialism aka totalitarianism [EX: N. Korea, Socialist China, Castro's Cuba, etc.]. Remember, leftists are irredeemably evil and woefully stupid, but there are a lot more of them than there are of us on the side of libertarianism.

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VulcanCannon 19 days ago

Love your work Sandman.

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havok545 20 days ago

Nope! Not interested was watching Expanse for a little bit but I can't get past all the horrible woke garbage so nothing. I have been enjoying....
1.) First Blood
2.) Master and Commander: The Fat Side of the World
3.) Behind Enemy Lines

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havok545 19 days ago

I generally like men doing men stuff and women doing women stuff. I can even enjoy the "phallic female" every now and then in sci-fi but Hollywood went retarded and put in "in your face" fem-tardism preaching female good superior male bad inferior. So now really don't watch much.

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RoboCat 19 days ago

"Master and Commander: The fat side of the world"? I'd watch that parody, probably after a few drinks though.

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ElHombreporsuCuenta 20 days ago

The female characters in science fiction works tend to be absurd, incoherent and incomprehensible and generally (except for specific cases such as Lieutenant Ellen Ripley from Alien) they are more to hinder than to enrich the plot or simply limit themselves to feeding the morbid viewer / reader onanist (as with the character of Barbarella, 1968)

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hqwebsite 19 days ago

They are plenty of science fiction works out there. Yet, very few are notable. Most producers just want to ride on the popularity by making a few b-grade movies or series. Science fiction went stale after Metropolis (1927). It stayed like that for decades until Kubrick released 2001: A Space Odyssey (also 1968). My point is; movies can get woke with or without female character.

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