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Woke Up and Smell the Fail | Grunt Speak Live

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Published on 01 Jul 2021 / In Comedy

⁣So now the same people who scream about everything being racist are condemning the decision to free black man and siding with a white woman. You can't make this up.
#GruntSpeakLive #BillCosby #WokeArmy

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New countdown song: "The Grunt" by Jeffrey Paul

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WMHarrison94 7 months ago

Whoa, I am glad I left Netflix letting it expire!

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SIGMA78 7 months ago

Damn I’m on so much weed

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jeffclouser 7 months ago

Piglosi looks like the Cryptkeeper's Wife. Change my Mind.

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MadMarine4212 7 months ago

China is flying drones off cartel airfields in Mexico, I have friends I've bounced this off of. They are doing the final recon, the ''immigrants'' they have sent are the SKTs. Its coming soon, get your asses ready. PT, everyday, eat like a horse and put on lbs. network the fuck out of everything on safe channels. This is the pregame show. Remember PID, review the Ranger Handbook, go get your chow,meds,bullets now. Time is nearly up.

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InfiniteMushroom 7 months ago

Too late. Not only is ZOG-Gulliver tied down completely, he was shamed for being so big and it taking decades for the Lilliputians (JEWS) to tie him down. Out of sheer guilt for his White Privilege, ZOG-Gulliver would do everything he could to help the Lilliputians tie him down. Unlike the famous fable, ZOG-Gulliver will be helpless and atrophied after being tied down for so long.

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MadMarine4212 7 months ago

This fight is far from over brothers and sisters. Keep the faith and prepare. Rangers lead the way, and Semper Fidelis.

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