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Woke CIA Propaganda | Grunt Speak Highlights

Terrence Popp
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Published on 07 Jun 2021 / In Comedy

⁣When mentally ill people are running this country’s intelligence apparatus, something is very wrong.
Featuring Lauren Brooks from Honey Badger Radio
Watch the entire stream here: https://youtu.be/u483fdUXQfs
#gruntspeaklive #wokeCIA #propaganda

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slapmonkey 5 days ago

She said as she walked down a hallway full of poster pe-nice.

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Visegrip 11 days ago

Liberalism and wokeism are foreign subversion tools. Aimed at destroying families first, then private enterprise, education, and now military readiness.

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theredpath 13 days ago

Sorry guys but is really America THAT FUCKED UP ?! That "agenda" will spread even more around the world as a "successful plan from america" and then it is too late for everyone! :(

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SQUEAK077 14 days ago

I need a drink

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UnwillingVillian 14 days ago

Before a Phoenix can rise from its ashes, it must first burn. This is just another on an already long and distinguished list of reasons why this cunt-tree that calls itself the 'United' (lmfao) States of America just needs to hurry up and finish destroying itself.

   1    0
HairlessMonkey 14 days ago

When I see this shite, I'm glad I'm old and getting closer to walking towards the Light. And I hope Karma turns out to be a super bitch on everyone that made all this shite happen, and sooner than later. :-\

   1    0
nest006 14 days ago

Most WOMEN could not work with/for that coddled, box ticker idiot.

   2    0
NoFemVAL 14 days ago

Her job is to suck the cocks, twats and make the coffee.

   3    0
NoFemVAL 14 days ago

"Join the CIA....We hire mental cases !!!!"

   4    0
NoFemVAL 14 days ago

CIA. Communists In America.

   3    0
FeWolf 14 days ago

so I have mental health issue and I am employed by CIA sounds about right. I raised above my peers because more clarified people are passed over because I am Spanish, female. if I did what my government is doing, I would be in jail.

   3    0
Sirius 14 days ago

Here's the truth.....analysts, operatives, officers and staff - do not haphazardly identify or reveal their employment with the CIA. Even custodial staff are strictly monitored.
So, why the propaganda? It's called "misdirection". Think of it like this.....it's 3 card Monty with people.

   3    0
gchase 14 days ago

You know who will make a perfect spy in 20 years?
A straight white guy.
Because there can't be any....in any US intel group.
Nobody would ever suspect him

   6    0
Johnny_Cage 14 days ago

Lol this is so true.

   1    0
UnwillingVillian 14 days ago

Shhh, try not to mention that again...

   1    0
Hammerhead69 14 days ago

Someone vulnerable to extortion who listed the weak spots to use. Was a time they screened people to avoid easy targets.

   2    0
eldrazi317 14 days ago

That is why I view propaganda as a tool of evil and don’t waste my time with tv.

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Defundthehoes 14 days ago

I don't recall a 007 movie where he advertises on national TV that he's a double agent. "Hi I'm 007, and these are my emotional vulnerabilities". I'm pretty damn sure every Bond villain would be taking notes.

   4    0
96d4hs9 14 days ago

CIA = CLUNTS In Action

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