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Winter, cold hungry and old

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Published on 10 Aug 2022 / In Film & Animation

I think we are in for a bad winter? as a prepper anyway's I'm already starting to add to the already plentiful supply I have. Talk of power outs and shit has got my brain cells working. I'vbe already lowered my electric bill by buying canned stuff instead of frozen. but if their are power cut's thyen if my freezer goes off it will be mainly empty anyway. The result of this is when the power comes back on the freezer wont. Because if I can survive power outs with canned foods then tyhe freezer is gone forever, and I save on electricity. same goes for the fridge, I'll simply do what my Grandparents did and that is an eneamel bread bin on the back doorstep half full of water in the xhade, makes a perfect cooler. Change the water before going to bed so it is really cool or cold in the morning. I've got battery lights and free batteries I borrow from the recycle box in the supermarket. did you know roughly 3 out of every 4 batteries that are thrown out are still good, did you also know you caqn recharge alkaline batteries about 3 times before they are fuicked, so don't pay through your ass for rechargables. Got some candles and I must get a few packs of tea lights as well. Been going round charity shops and buying up winter clothing. You can be comfortable and warm by increasing or decreasing layers of Clothes. Prepping one room, the licving room to live in because it is next to the kitchen and have fitted well last wintyer fityted some matterial or curtains to the door frame and that works very well with keeping heat in. but just let me tell the government and power greedy power companoies. If I find an alternative toi you electric and gas SHITE, I will NOT be returning to your way's.

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WMHarrison94 1 month ago

WEll, the WEF nneds to kill 99.999% of the world populatioin by 2030...

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awol201 1 month ago

Good on you .

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