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Will Worlds First Robot AI Lawyer Begin Work in February?

Published on 19 Jan 2023 / In People & Blogs

Most of the stories on this subject have been misleading. So lets dig in a little further and see what's what...
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critical cracker
critical cracker 2 months ago

god damn Im tired of this guys voice hes such a throw away masonic member... owes taxes bla blah blah, loser who lives off his wife to get around it... hows that for truth

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Squeaker 2 months ago

This was on letto law on screw tube

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critical cracker
critical cracker 2 months ago

Squeeker boy: your videos suck big time compared to mine and i will be doing all original unique videos soon. you seem to hate anybody who is more handsome, successful and gets laid more than you loser. Still gave you a like though

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