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Will this be the life of an unvaxxed man with clean sperm in 2030? Better look out guys

Published on 01 Feb 2023 / In Film & Animation

They may hunt you down...
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Woman 'parties' at her own funeral...yup...she's as dead as a carp.

If this is the way of the future...my future is bleak. I am not playing this game.

Hollywood "Insider" EXPOSES ALL (Cults/Clones/Mind Control, Orgies, The Homo Mafia & MORE)

Idiot climate change protesters glued themselves to a removable railing - they get removed LOL šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

This is going on in China right now. If we don't stop what is going on here, this is our future

There is a vaccine death witness protection program. Damar Hamlins family was paid off!


Karma - Thief robs woman then gets taken out by a man driving a truck.

I will cut you up he said...I will shoot your ass he did. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight

They've Been Here All Along But We See Them Now (2023)

How could this be? The Monterey Park mass shooting was reported online days before it happened?

Damar Hamlin Died On The Field From The mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine - Fake Hamlin Double in the building!

Another vaxxident? DWI has a new meaning - Driving While Injected.

Stepdad beats mom with his fists - Stepdaughter beats stepdad with...a car.

Something Strange is happening to Humanity - You won't believe what they're doing to us! (Zombies?)

Why don't we have protests like this one here? I think they did a good job! (Warning titty alert)

Look mom and dad I am on television - Maybe I should have worn a different shirt?

Karma - You breaka my window, I breaka you head

The Walmart War Zone - Throwing Watermelons?

He is pulling huge blood clots out of his body - Doctors say he is physically fine just delusional

Man... woman...dog. The dog is the smart one. The other two are retarded. See if you agree

Revenge of the killer Tuk Tuk. Now he is Phuk Phuked

US Doctor: "71% of people found dead at home was due to the vaccine". It is Murder. It is Genocide

Another Spinning death spiral. Are they stealing his soul? Could be.

Car jacking Karma in Chicago - Car Jacker gets jacked up.

Things are getting very weird over at the Miss (Mister) Universe Pageant. Boys will be...Girls?

They don't mind killing useful idiots - even their own. Actors who were affected by the clot shot

25 years ago I would have considered this woman marrying material...now I just want to know...

He called the teacher a 'nigga' and a 'bitch' before the teacher went after him

George Harrison's tells the true story of Paul McCartney's 1966 death and the cover up

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sauger1001 2 months ago

Our food, water, air and soil are tainted, so not sure "pureblood" is the right term. Keeping our bodily functions moving regularly (fresh produce, clean meats; ie according to His Word, distilled water, etc), and Spiritually (prayer, fasting and obeying God's Laws), is about all we can do within our control. The rest is up to Him.

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UncleIroh 2 months ago

Thing is there will be more pureblood men than pureblood women. Women are like sheep, they all rushed out to compete to see who could comply first and get their 4th booster instead of listening to their men.

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Maybe this is why all the porn sites are pushing 4 somes - 1 woman and a cock in each hole......

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Actually I have done a bit of work in a womens prison - and when you get a large group of women who have not been able to fuck a man for a long time..... It's not good......

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Straven 2 months ago

I know something's going to happen. With all these young boys going into manhood who manage to survive this poison shit are likely going to find themselves infertile due to that shit settling in the testicles of men and the overlies of women. Any female that's actually still fertile to some degree or another more then likely will have to find someone else to give them a kid.

And this isn't taking into account the quality that pure blood is going to really fckn hit when more people pull there heads out of there fckn asses and realize taking that infected bloods more likely to kill you then help.

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slapmonkey 2 months ago

Just get them ivermectin.

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https://www.mgtow.tv/v/2qvVSR https://www.alairhomes.ca/ Evidence senior government ministers knew about vaccine harms in June and September 2021 https://www.mgtow.tv/v/AANeUe The Horrific Reality Of What We Now Know About Vaxxed Sperm And Vaxxed Embryos by Dr. Northrup https://www.mgtow.tv/v/j72PUh

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Yeah I get it - the video is funny - probably a Bridezilla Video with a different title and loads of CGI women... But as the vaxxed sicken up and die off.... The Pure Bloods are going to be in demand.

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CobaltSteel 2 months ago

The real question is there going to be any pureblood women? Not very likely.

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@CobaltSteel: "Oh have you had the Astra Zeneka or the Johnson and Johnson? Yeah! #metoo!" ---- 10 years later the earth is devoid of retards.

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Straven 2 months ago

@Life_N_Times_of_Shane_T_Hanson: Hey this might explain why they are working so hard on creating an artificial womb as fast as they are! That for damn sure would explain it, wouldn't need the female anymore if men could just use tech to get our children from instead of insane females which most are, insane that is.

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@Straven: What your daying makes sense.... The tech is off the planet and crazy, crazy is so normal and artificial wombs actually make perfect sense.

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Straven 2 months ago

@Life_N_Times_of_Shane_T_Hanson: Every movie/tv series and books story of any sort with tech or knowledge beyond our current means is just something we've not yet succeeded in making ourselves. Sooner or later we'll either die out or succeed and create them all and far far more. That's how I look at it, just as the....uh Wright brothers I thinks the correct name created the first plane but everyone called them crazy saying man can't fly.

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sauger1001 2 months ago

@slapmonkey: I found that certain herbs worked for me as well. Not buying into government bullsh!t is probably one of our best "remedies". As we know from all the deaths, it's too late (in this life) for some.

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