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Wife Dumps Hubby, Now Wants Him Back, What Should He Do?

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 09 Apr 2021 / In Entertainment

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sauger1001 6 months ago

If this guy has to ask for advice, AFTER getting dumped, best to tell him to take another blue pill, and leave him to his own devices.

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hepennypacker 6 months ago

I agree. This guy is pathetic.
Cheers brother.

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Once you have figured out what lying two face sluts many women ARE, and the "Ohhhh my bleeding heart" routine is long over, the traumas of other people seem like comedy gold.....

Throw rocks at the cunt...

She has fucked off over seas with some new guy to fuck and things probably went badly and I'd assume that she was just a parasite and once the other guy saw through her free loading shit, her ride on the gravey train for life was over, and she was stranded in another country with no money (she claims) and wanting HIM to take her back and pay for the return plane tickets too....

LOL - coughing up the time, attention and the plane tickets for her? Sure.

As soon as she films her self licking out the arseholes of an entire soccer team, and posts it on PornHub....

Then he will take her back - He promised...

She is an idiot and a selfish one at that. Fuck her off.

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FL_Steve 6 months ago

Why are you even think about getting back with her? She's had miles of cock run thru all of her holes since she left you. She's been giving every stray dick a BJ. I bet when she was with you she cut you off from pussy completely. Sure "sex was amazing" initially with her. It always is with women until they trap your ass. And now she wants your beta bucks again. Tell her to go to hell. Learn from your mistakes and stop simping.

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mgtowlive 6 months ago

Let's see walk the fuck away

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FL_Steve 6 months ago

That's what he should do. Instead he will simp for her just for the chance to get pussy again. It's 100% guaranteed she will cheat on him again and blame HIM for her cheating. Women are very predictable as are simps.

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Hammerhead69 6 months ago

Just keep walking. My ex wanted me back after got caught stealing from me to pay for the party with her side guys. Never give a cheating whore a break. Retrograde maneuvers are stupid so don't take the whore back(Glad I'm not bitter.).

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FL_Steve 6 months ago

Once a whore ALWAYS a whore. When will guys ever learn?

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