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Why Women Will Never Be Happy With Men - MGTOW

Published on 24 May 2023 / In Film & Animation

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Rusty and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, Near the final months of my marriage when things were going downhill, my wife accused me of having aspbergers syndrome. She claimed that aspbergers was probably the reason I do not emotionally connect with her in the way she wanted, and if confirmed, then she would know for sure that she would "never get the kind of love she wants from this relationship". She asked me to take a questionnaire on a website with 33 questions. Answering "yes" to 25 of these questions suggests a high likelihood of being on the Autism Spectrum. I ended up scoring 19, but I also felt that many of the questions were ambiguous without context. This questionnaire makes vague generalizations about a person's personality based on hypothetical ideas, but a person's real life reaction to such situations could be very different depending on the specifics the a situation. I feel that many of these questions are designed to penalize a person who has a somewhat stoic and serious attitude about life, qualities that might also correlate with success. Reading more of website's material, I think their view of an ideal "neurotypical" man would be one who is impulsive, codependent, lacking drive, lacking discipline, and completely pliable in the hands of his wife. All of the stock photos used on this website show women either having the smug grin of being in control of their partner, being pampered by a man, or being what looks like victim of a bad relationship. This website claims that it's gender agnostic, but they use "he" everywhere to the describe the troublesome person. It is definitely marketed towards women, and what I see is a business trying to convince women that they are the victim of a defective partner so that they could sell counseling services. I pointed out to my wife the biases of this source of information, but it didn't matter. She was already convinced that I was mentally deficient, incapable of providing her what she wanted, and her girl friends and parents and siblings provided all the confirmation bias she needed. It's important to be aware of businesses like this because there are whole industries marketed to women with the goal of getting them them to abandon a stable relationship rather than stay and work things out. Counselors make bank selling therapy. Child psychologists make bank testifying in court. Divorce lawyers make greater profits with more conflict. The state collects more taxes. If kids are involved, a whole bunch of other people can cash in on that too. And the better a provider the man is, the bigger a family he can support, the more loot there is for them all to plunder. In a twisted way, women are victims of capitalism because the marriage is sold to them, then the divorce is an even bigger sale. There conflicting idealistic lifestyles sold to women and plenty of services like this website to profit from them. Men are collateral damage, and nobody cares because we don't buy into this. 60 years ago Sean Connery could probably smack his wife and society would be on his side. The pendulum has swung far the other way. Society cheers the woman who finds herself at 40 and any excuse she can to smack her husband with divorce papers, breaking up her family. As a married man, you have the whole machine of society wanting you to fail. I don't know where we go from here, but we live in interesting times. Well Rusty thanks for the donation and topic. I'll get to my thoughts about it in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection Part 2:

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zdoctor 1 year ago

whaman will never be happy as long as fathers, uncles, boyfriends, male workers in the workforce keep telling they are amazing, stunning, brilliant and can do no wrong. ..those are the people responsible for where society is today...stop complimenting whaman. ..who cars what color their hair is or what color they did their nails this week!!! . .do whaman give a darn what shampoo men use......NO. .are they nice to men on average...not really. . there is always a hidden message when they speak which is why you need to learn womanese. once you learn their langauge you realize you are the idiot trying to make them happy and you cant because society tells them to keep complaining no matter how hard you try to make her happy. . SO WHAT DO WE LEARN FROM SANDMAN TODAY................WHAMAN WILL NEVER BE SATISIFIED!!!!! EVER!!!! walk off the stage gentlemen. .work on things that motivate, and inspire yourself. . INVEST IN YOURSELF.....YOU ARE WORTH IT!!.

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sauger1001 1 year ago

No No! Cat food and L'Oreal, bc she's worth making a profit on.

   1    0
zdoctor 1 year ago

@sauger1001: wow what a great point........that gave me a chuckle tonight. why not just sell her to a circus and have her do tricks for the crowd as you collect the money..lol

   2    0
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