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Why Women Lie? - MGTOW

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Published on 28 Aug 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Cypher and here's what he has to say "Hello Sandman, the red pill is hard to swallow. As for the video topic request, I’d like you to dive into how woman can lie and manipulate so well and be the victim no matter the occurrence. I could write you a novel on my problems but I’ll summarize for everyone’s sake. As a 16 year old virgin I met a girl and we had sex in 1 week before we even dated. We kissed the first time the same day she asked me to stuff the turkey. All my friends told me her emotional history but my little jimmy put on his jimmy hat and did not care. We lost our virginity together. Fast forward 3 months of lies she ends things with me out of nowhere claiming she has no time and has a tumor that if anything happens to her she doesn’t want me to get hurt. Great. It took me 4 months and the “top” girl at the school for some reason took a liking to me. We hit off and with my walls up and red pill knowledge from you and others I didn’t label us and had little interaction yet enjoyed it as well as she. Out of no where the ex comes back. Now little jimmy had no action from this new girl so he overpowered the logical brain. I got back with her and for 1 month she rode the rocket as much as she could. Good girl no complaints there. Then I crashed my motorcycle and was hospitalized for 4 months. She stayed with me but after I got out she
started talking to other guys saying that I'm being insecure and I don’t trust her. I wish I didn’t, would have saved me from being cucked for months. She claims she never cheated and I do believe that. Physically I don’t think she did but she did emotionally and I always believed in the love stories. I broke up with her. Then after a little tried to get back with her and she lead me on for 3 months all the whilst sleeping with the dude I broke up with her over her flirting with him. Ft calls at school ditching me and always rubbing up against him and laughing at every word that leaves his mouth. How do woman get away with things like this and feel no remorse? I am not innocent I called her a whore and other such names many times after with no regret but the fact that she is a narcissist and cares naught for what she has done. I apologize for the summary being so long trust me my 18 year old brain has done nothing but think of her since I was 16 and I could write a few books. She likes it rough and She wants to call me daddy. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and cheers!" Well Daddy, I mean Cypher thanks for the donation and topic. To be honest with you I would prefer to call you daddy too because Cypher is a lousy name when you're using the red pill metaphor from the Matrix movie which came out before you were born. Just like the orginal Star Wars came out a few years before I was. On second thought I'll just call you Cypher afterall because Daddy is just too damn awkward. Anyways, before I get to my thoughts about your teenage years let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW book Collection:

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ExperimentalGroup 2 months ago

Sun Tsu has said ‘ all warfare is based on deception’.
I say ‘ all women are based on deception’.

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MGTOWPirate 2 months ago

all women do is lie,
constantly, all day, every day.
about everything.
they couldn't stop lying if you actually paid them to do it.
the're entire life is one BIG lie.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Cause they are disgusting degenerate whores.

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One_Ronin 2 months ago

Sandman, try increasing your Protein to about 1 gram per pound of your target weight, track good fats to be about 25 % of total calorie intake per day / week, let the carbs make up the rest. Use a good free app " Fat Secret" to track it works well.

Most men are missing their protein targets in today's soyciety and that lowers the Test which we all know is the hormone of the gods.

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scott sanger
scott sanger 2 months ago

females dont lie, there is no such word in their vocabulary, words are just tools, they exist for female manipulation. female solipsism overrides all.

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One_Ronin 2 months ago

Girl recently sent me a message, "send me 20.00 I will send you a nude." I replied, "I will send you 30.00 if you don't."

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Mike Chavez
Mike Chavez 2 months ago

Lol bruh that’s funny awesome

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