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Why We Need Bullies | Popp Culture

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Published on 09 Jul 2020 / In Comedy

⁣This Throwback Thursday reminds us of what happens when you have whole generations who never had to face down a bully. They become bullies who believe they're victims.

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jmafa1957 1 year ago

Popp, I wish I could have listened to this video 50 years ago. On the other hand, 49 years ago, I figured out myself that standing up to a bully will often make the puke back down, back off, and back the fuck away forever.

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IkemenKyoushi23 1 year ago

Bullies. Because there's no way you can win own your own, if you can't fight own your own.

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bluetreksubie 1 year ago

bullies used to be used as a beneficial learning experience to build character in young men. today we have cry bullies. the cry bully are tge ones who will never be satisfied until you are utterly and totally destroyed. bullies can learn to respect you. cry bullies want you dead.

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oldmtngoat 1 year ago

You are a Idiot Popp! Bullies create nothing more than more bullies! You endorsing them just adds to today's societal problems and encourages weaker people to become Predators upon others.

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Hexeze 1 year ago

True. As long as every man had a woman and raised strong unified families the world would be perfect. Bullies are insecure people

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AladinDarkness 1 year ago

Everything I want to say is so Politically and Legally wrong it would make your head swim.
I was small for my age and into computers and science fiction. I minded my own business.
You tell them in Grade, Middle, and High School that when you grow up you're going to hunt them down and get even with them, then when you did, they seem so surprised...
Is that Passive Aggressive, or just Justice?

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Councilof1 1 year ago

Sounds like we'll deserved justice to me.

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ShaperOfThings 1 year ago

I agree with this video. Just two minor questions: What about communities where criminals with illegal firearms are the bullies? Or shit-show communities where single mothers raise their kids without emotional restraint; and everyone brings their illegal firearms to resolve even the pettiest of disputes?

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doczg88 1 year ago

We have bullies. They are called radical left.

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john1178 1 year ago

Sad fact but true, everyone should get beat up , at least once in their life time. An ass kicking give you humility and empathy for the guy that you see getting beat up. Humility teaches you that you are NOT THE MEANEST, BIGGEST, BADDEST out there. It also teaches you what pain ( mental and physical) is. Tough lesson that your mamma aont going to teach you. Getting kicked in the nuts teaches you, instinctively, that you don't want this to happen to you again, but to do it to some one else first and kick HARD.. Yes you may loose fight, but opponent will be hurting for days and remember you and may not want to tangle with you later.

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Celydonn 1 year ago

There are people, you tell them the stove is hot and they will get burn, they still touch the stove and get burn. And there are those who get the point and will never touch the stove. The point is, you dont need a beating to learn humility and that you are not the meanest, biggest, baddest thing out there.

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Herbalist 1 year ago

Bullies are 'brave' around their friends and audiences... ambush them and put fear into their hearts and PAIN on their body.

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EbenezerEibenhardt 1 year ago

"There's three kinds of people in this world: Pussies, Dicks, and Assholes. Pussies don't like Dicks, because Pussies get fucked by Dicks... but Dicks also fuck Assholes, and if Dicks didn't fuck Assholes, Assholes would shit all over everything and everyone!!" - Team America: World Police

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Councilof1 1 year ago

In middle school I discovered only idiots fight "fair". First bully was the last. Idiot thought I was an easy target. I wonder if his concussion thought the same?

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FeWolf 1 year ago

Had Bully in 6th grade, we fought 3 times, after 1st I went and looked for him, finally said he had enough, respected me afterwards.

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Celydonn 1 year ago

we need bullies? this ought to be good.
In my opinion only weak and average intelligent people need a bully, but will see what Popp has to say here.

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FiremanDPP 1 year ago

Exactly. The weak, average intelligent people. AKA, the left pussies.

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libertyanyday 1 year ago

are you a mask wearer or not ??

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Celydonn 1 year ago

@scott sanger: define mask wearer. wearing one does not make you weak. not waring one does not make you intelligent. what makes you intelligent is to know when to wear and when not to wear.

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