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Published on 31 Mar 2020 / In Comedy

⁣⁣⁣Twatter decided they hate the truth, so Popp deactivated the Redonkulas account and moved us to Gab.

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LongRedRoad 2 years ago

Popp thanks for all you do!

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KEEPER 2 years ago

i never in my life made an account to twatt-er. i found it to be a waste of time. eventually i got off of facebook. i wish i never went there to be honest. and it's really too bad what youtube has turned into. the man and yes i say man CEO that was running youtube before that stupid women Susan bitch was running that thing to make money and didn't care about all the stupidity of politics. all he cared about was that the platform was profitable and he rewarded any channels that ppl liked with ad revenue, and if their channel got enough views than they could make a decent living on the platform.

but this all changed when that CEO left youtube after google bought it and it's when Susan moved in to take his place. and that's when all the censorship started going on. and this is when youtube started lying about the advertisers of why they didn't want to put there ads on certain channels because of the content that was created there. and then suddenly it was all about purging hate speech or REEEEE speech as i like to call it. i remember it eventually got to a point where the advertisers wanted to advertise on particular channels, but couldn't do so because Susan wouldn't let them.

then when it came to the content creators on youtube. ppl began to outsource with promoting ads, because youtube wasn't going to do a god damn thing about it. but then youtube began to notice all the channels that were outsourcing their own ad revenue and promoting products so their channels could earn money, this was also when patreon showed up. Susan saw this and started to bring on more censorship, she started a campaign to restrict not fully defined language within videos, and ppl altered their language because some were still getting google ads playing and didn't want to offend poor Susan's feelings.

then content creators decided the google ads were no longer worth it. and if there content was going to be demonetized anyway. then they all said fuck it! we are going to do our content however we damn well pleas, because we now have sponsors of our own. and that's when Susan decided to start banning channels for RAPE SPEECH!!!

there was so much more going on during all of this crap. i mean we had all the shit from the political machine to the feminist shit to the islam shit and the immigration shit and blm sjw mra mrm mgtow red pill blue pill incel and then infighting between the groups. talk about fucking conflict everywhere. and all Susan did was further antagonist creators and destroy the platform, and more and more ppl than ever before, started using adblockers and then this is when the news hit that youtube lost a shit tone of money. so Susan decided to put ads on channels that were demonetized but because she control's the platform. all that ad revenue went to youtube instead of the content creator, but because most ppl on the platform didn't know this they would watch the ads to help support the creator without knowing that none of it was going to the creator.

and it was at that point when i started promoting the brave browser as much as possible. i'm not much of a content creator myself, but i would go into the comments sections of videos on all channels and convince ppl to download the brave browser on android or on pc, because it was time for scorched earth. many ppl would complain about ads playing during the videos and some of these ads were beyond the control of the creators as youtube was trying to get their pound of flesh.

so my hope is that ppl see the benifits of using an adblocker as much as possible, hopfully we can help youtube see the error in their ways and help them go bankrupt. but unfortuantly there are enough stupid ppl in the world space that don't care about blocking ads or they use an iphone.

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KEEPER 2 years ago

holy shit! someone actually read through all of this? lol

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KEEPER 2 years ago


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The Chinky-Nazi virus.

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Good you for Terrence, you left that shithole Twitter. Its a dangerous violent place too btw.

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 2 years ago

Neither Twitter or YouTube is particularly friendly these days when it comes to truths such as, well, the Coronavirus came from China. In fact, they're pretty much hostile. I watch YouTube videos which aren't here or on BitChute and most of them are very careful not to mention that which cannot be named virus, unless of course, you're willing to lie and say that the United States military created it and disbursed it. Then the communists and certain countries which adhere to a 1,700 year old religion which cannot be named are all for you, bless your bleeding liberal heart.

Love it here and on BitChute, but I haven't seen much need for Gab or Minds, although I used to have accounts there before rebranding. If anyone is willing to show me a personal benefit to my being on those platforms, I'll consider resuming my useless existence on those platforms as well, but in the meantime, I just don't see the point. I guess I'm just too unsocial. But that's OK. I suspect there are those of like minds here.

I vigorously support your departure from Twitter. It has always seemed to be a useless platform, now pretty much restricted to feminists and social justice warriors... even though President Trump is still there. I'm ticked that they kicked Laura Ingraham off for telling the truth. It's like the William Shatner character said to the defendant on Boston Legal when the judge coerced him to defend a child rapist pedophile murderer: "I hope you die!".

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