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Why Travis Kelce Spent Half His Salary To Court Taylor Swift

Published on 26 Mar 2024 / In Entertainment

You have now witnessed the Notorious CGA!

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Toki 2 months ago

Wow. Considering Swift's drastic change in style of music I'm surprised any man would want her. With the new hippity hop Blacked personality she has. She would have to pay me half her salary just to look at her being severely damaged goods. She's a traitor to own culture and ancestry.
Her music used to be annoying, but not the worst. Now it's just awful and part of the reason why I'm not attracted to real women at all. They all listen to the same cRap because they have no individual personas. Will this annoying trend ever pass? It's certainly terrible music that is influencing women in a very negative way. Yet men keep promoting the cRap music as well? How stupid is the average person anyways? Do you not realize how easy it is to influence women and ruin them with unladylike behavior encouraged by the music?

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sauger1001 2 months ago

She seems to be more of a cult leader than a recording artist. Remember, her money is HER money, and HIS money is her money if they get hitched. He also promoted the "Clot Shot", so they're both liberal lefties. A match made in Hell.

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