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Why THEY ALL hate the Red Pill

Published on 13 Nov 2023 / In Entertainment

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BuckFitches 4 months ago

Hey Hammer have you heard? Redpill for women. They calling it the pink pill?

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From around 38 minutes:

Reeeeeeeeeeeeee 8 years of fantastic marriage, being a wonderful partner, always got his back....

AND 8 years of abuse....

Dry Eyes... Shifty Looking.


And the inferences, vague accusations, and the rambling bullshit.....

Why does she remind me so much of Jacinda Adern?

Because the Devious New Age Deceiver Speak is about the same.

She belongs to streets, while she is navigating her way onto the scrap heap of feminist life.

She is now this:
Turning into this:

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