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Why The West Is So Weak? - MGTOW

Published on 16 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Chetan and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, chetan from himalayas again. I was in London a week ago & was appauled at what I saw. It's overrun with migrants. There was crime and social problems everywhere. All while the local white british are too scared or pusified to do anything about it. On the steet I saw one middle aged white woman fighting with her young mixed race/muslim boyfriend who kicked her 3 times to the ground. The lady's old father was wanting to fight him but he brushed him aside like litter & made horrible sexual threats against the lady's younger sister who was also present. No one intervened infact everyone acted as if they saw nothing. I did tell the boyfriend to watch it but was hushed away by my cousin who feared I was gonna get into a fist fight with the guy. London made me realise how my hometown in northern India is way better in many aspects. For one there is no sympathy for rioters or thugs & anyone acting like that boyfriend who would be beaten to a pulp for acting that way in public. England is done, whites should all leave for Russia." unquote. Well Chetan thanks for the donation and topic. Clearly you didn't go to the countryside which is 95% plus white. Cities in the western commonwealth countries are all like that. Including most of the English speaking countries of the commonwealth including Canada, Australia and New Zealand that have all seemingly decided that immigration is how they will save themselves. I think that there are plans to contain the minorities in the west to the major cities. Why do you think we have been recently been seeing the push for 15 minute cities. What other reason could it be for then keep the migrants from being able to leave the city and ruin the countryside. I think the secret whitey rulers are looking for economic cattle to keep the economic growth continuing. Chetan I'm also disappointed in you. Even with all your red pill knowledge you were white knighting for that woman being abused. Western men ignoring that are not weak, they are smart for not getting involved because they don't want to potentially lose their lives. In Canada almost everyday someone dies out in public from a dispute of some kind. Usually with a homeless dude, minority male or thug. People are scared. As for saying that white westerners should go to a place like Moscow I agree. What do you think places like Belgrade in Eastern Europe and Japan are for? Even Japan has decided to open up to immigration recently. Do you think they will let Middle Eastern, Indian or African people on or will they be smart Americans with a light complexion in? I think that countries that are further down the road with regards to immigration will win the game because they will be able to attract white affluent westerners and poach them from their own failing countries. Japan might find itself in what I'd like to call an Cyberpunk Anime future.

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tekrat 2 months ago

I see more young guys wearing hair buns... men are becoming women.

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havok545 3 months ago

I don't defend women because they're strong and independent any way Obama said women are stronger than men. So that lady has zero problems.

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zdoctor 3 months ago

TODAYS NEWS.......another mother murders her 3 kids. ....they better build more jails for whaman....oh wait....its mens fault,...so the mther will murder her kids and soon the man will go to jail even though the courts gave her full custody. .... SINCE WHAMAN MURDER MORE CHILDREN EVERY YEAR THEN MEN, SHOULD THIS INSPIRE COURTS TO STOP GIVING THE CHILDREN TO THE WHAMAN.!!!!!!!

   6    0
sauger1001 3 months ago

When men stop sending money to the courts, in the form of kickbacks, in other words: "And don't get married." (The Late Vention MGTOW), the courts will lock us up, but they won't get paid. They'll wake up.

   7    0
zdoctor 3 months ago

@sauger1001: ..that will be tough since we have toooooo many simp bitches out there. ...amazing how men will simp over a whaman. ., i agree that when men stop getting married is when the courts will listen a bit more. . but the only issue i see with that would be if they incentivize getting married like something like a cash rebate upon getting married. ....at the end of the day you cant trust whaman though...NO MATTER HOW PEOPLE THINK THEY SPIN HOW WHAMAN ARE TRUSTABLE.

   5    0
zdoctor 3 months ago

i think the design of the weakening of men is to let whaman rule and feel strong and empowered....EXCEPT...when it gets bad enough either whaman will be exposed to heavy crime. .the issue with that idea is pretty obvious as men walk away and check out of society and even coochie cant get them back to the plantation. ..so as we get weaker and weaker we may be taken over by another country.....the second problem i see is there will be no one to replace the declining population which is why we are importing bodies here so we can keep the dollars flowing. ....as men step away from traditional roles and whaman are empowered by sleeping with hundereds of men which furthers that gap of staying single. ..GENTLEMEN.......STAY AWAY FROM THE PLANTATION AND INVEST IN YOUR VERY OWN FUTURE.!!!!!.

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