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Why the ENTIRE manosphere is wrong about geomaxxing

Published on 18 Aug 2023 / In Entertainment

01:00 II. Phase of the Evolution
04:20 Birds of a Feather
05:40 11111111111111111111
09:00 What they STILL don’t get right
13:00 “Buy my passportbro course”
17:10 MTOW cope on geomaxxing
25:15 Why some people in our community are against geomaxxing
28:30 Tragic End of Passport Sisters
31:30 What geomaxxers get wrong

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hndsoff 3 months ago

There are so many issues with this, 1) geomaxxing is not new, america and europe were doing it in 2 massive waves, colonization/modernization of japan forced by american navy destroyers at the barrels of their 30 inch guns, and during that time Peking as well, 1850- 1910, then WW2, that was millions of white soldiers invading all of east asia in multiple wars including vietnam korea and bunch of covert wars till like 1980/1985. It only works because white people had prestige, the navy and tons and tons of presumptive guns backing them and billions of dollars as well, you think 500 years ago any tribe would tolerate foreign men coming and taking their young women enmasse ? We already know family formations resulting in hapa's are a disaster from stats with in the primary mixed couple but by the secondary hapa, its a total disaster especially for the male progeny. The women always float cause they are exotic or insert any excuse (cause they breathe) so they always fare well, but not the men. These are institutionalized problems that normally lead directly to civilizational collapse, technology is just papering it over with derivative on top of derivatives,
it might last 60 years or a 150 years more but not forever, house of cards always always topple.

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