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Why Single Women Are Sick of Men | Ride and Roast

Terrence Popp
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Published on 20 Jan 2021 / In Comedy

⁣You can always tell when someone has complete faith in their convictions, because they publish sexist and disparaging articles anonymously. And then they disable comments.

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James Gisha
James Gisha 27 days ago

Feeling's mutual

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Jupiter33458 1 month ago

the difference between sexual harassment and flirting.
If the other person likes you... it's flirting.
If the other person doesn't like you and/or feels threatened by you... it's sexual harassment.
in 1996 I was working for Best Buy, and one of the managers got fired for sleeping with a 19 year old cashier. So, it started the great sexual harassment lectures at our store that went on for 2 weeks. having had enough, I asked the HR representative " what's the difference between sexual harassment and flirting?" as he started with a long-winded corporate response I stopped him in his tracks let them right in the eye and said " it all depends if the other person likes you or sees you as a threat". he stopped dead in his tracks look at me blankly while blinking his eyes several times and said " well yes that's part of it" to which I replied "no that IS it." and excuse myself and walked away.
unbeknownst to me, my manager and the store's general manager where Within earshot of this Exchange.
surprisingly, nominated for and received employee of the month that month.
my manager told me he and the general manager couldn't stop laughing for a half hour after I said that to the corporate HR representative from Best Buy.

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slapmonkey 1 month ago

What's the best way to cook meat? Low and slow.

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bin4ry_d3struct0r 1 month ago

This is the reality brought forth by feminists. The 50s mindset was for a time when men were men and women were women; it no longer applies today. Welcome to gender equality, bitches!

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DarkDan65 1 month ago

Another good one 1SG. I only look at youtube to see if you have something up then I come here.

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nexus1961 1 month ago

Look for, and download "FreeTube", it allows you to see Screwtube videos, subscribe to the Good people still there, like Popp, and Scroogle get's Not a fucking penny, not even a 'click' out of it. I use it to see guys like Joseph Carter and his minks, people too non-political for SusanTube to have banned yet.

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ChronicBlast 1 month ago

Terrence POPP! Love your content! From one truth teller to another in Chicago! Tell Polska Bob I said wassup!

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faniam 1 month ago

Comments disabled? Author disabled!

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satcomer 1 month ago

You guys should talk about the rise of Soy Boys! Sorry Millennials Soy has ruined your Market value!

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SQUEAK077 1 month ago

Long ago worked on a construction job with a filipino man who we got to be friends. One sat he invited me out to the local mall bought me lunch as we sat all these asian girls walking in the mall he said all those women you see are americanized no good even for a wife. I have meet women who came to america and canada and changed in 6 months into the women they despised. There is a reason why men keep women in their country or forbid them to talk to local women. I have seen so many times women become friends with divorcees and create drama and issues. You can be a neighbor as a female and call making crap up before a man knows what is going on he is in the back of a car. Men forget that a cop can press charges especially if its a woman officer. I have seen a ton of local arrests and charges on a local sheriffs daily arrests of you can see bogus charges on men. I mean is common sense on any test to become a cop anymore? I think iq is going to be flushed in the dictionary pretty soon. I have posted a video on math. I need a sticker. Make Iran great again. A friend told me about a wife who cheated on her husband her family buried her up to her neck. In the 80s a friend in the airforce in saudi said he watched a woman and her lover who cheated on her husband stoned to death by her family. This world is screwed. Hearing from men in Israel do not marry women from their country. Costa Rica same story. I laugh when i see these movies of not without my daughter or the feel stupid tards that feel for these women in abusive relationships/marriages. I almost married more than once life skills I was told to write a book. 1st paragraph learn to walk away. As you see shit in a 12 inch water main coming your way and the pipe is dark if you do not get out of the ditch the whole pile of crap will fall onto your head. Men go to prison for false charges by women for 20 to 40 yrs. Look at climate change and the UNITED NATIONS. All these women running things to keep a job. Seen tables of tables of women at these meetings 99 percent women. Go to russia no wonder men run the country.

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John_Doe 1 month ago

With regard to your internet presence you're going to have think bigger, gentlemen. It doesn't matter how many social media sits you're on, they all suffer the same weakness: they're hosted by the enemy.

Look to Parler as the most recent example. A platform which supports free speech for all, welcomes all viewpoints, doesn't censor. Got kicked off the Internet. Why? Because they were using Amazon Web Services as their host. Yes, they'll be back on eventually, but the writing is on the wall.

If your site or channel is conservative, right-leaning, Constitution-supporting, and/or speaks truth to the Communist narrative lie you WILL be targeted and you WILL be shut down while you continue to rely on sites whose connection to the Internet is through a service provider which leans left. Hell, MGTOW TV just recently came out with an announcement warning content creators to mind their P's and Q's so as to avoid shut down. Censorship is growing everywhere.

Long-term, conservatives will have to start their own ISPs if they want to remain online. Even that isn't a guarantee as the feds can then interfere by labeling the content in violation of federal hate speech laws (which will be coming) or labeling them as associating with or giving voice to those content creators who will be labeled domestic terrorists, insurrectionists, etc. Until it gets THAT draconian, though, it's the only option if you want to avoid being deplatformed by an ISP that is allied with the Communists.

Start reaching out, start making the connections, start putting the feelers out to those with deep pockets (Trump?) to build a coalition to build conservative ISPs to counter the Communist control of social media.

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jmafa1957 1 month ago

When I divorced my cheating ex wife in my late 40s, i was shocked at how easy it was to get laid. There is no more plentiful commodity than 40+ year old lonely single women. No reason to tolerate a fat ugly one either. Sadly, I also ran into some that were just out for a "foody call" too. After a few years of that I found one truly worth keeping, no kids, brought some wealth along with her, 38 Triple Ds, tall and slender, and she knows how to cook. My ex, my pension and my 401k are all living happily ever after in a crappy apartment in the high desert, ALONE. Karma.

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Ratherbefishing 1 month ago

Want to keep your lifestyle? Vote for and support sheriffs such as this: https://politicofire.com/2021/........01/20/horowitz-n
The times are a changing - Stand up and stop the rot.

BTW. Ex-rental CARS are often the best buy, they have generally been well maintained, driven by all sorts in all ways and all the bugs shaken out.
Cars can also be coach worked, painted and modified to better than new.
There are few simile in real life between cars and the wimmins.
P.S. Bitchute is actively censoring comments and blocking channels.

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nexus1961 1 month ago

Correct about Shitchute, they've been erasing my comments as fast as I can refresh a page, and their "help" is a dismissive asshole who responds a month later to say "We're looking into it".. since fucking AUGUST!

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When you two guys turn the tables on the women, and shovel their shit back onto these retarded cunts..... "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Fuck it's good to hear.....

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Councilof1 1 month ago

These stories are hilarious.

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I was thinking upon this subject a few days ago.... My instructions to a woman, "Keep your legs open, your mouth shut and dinner on the table at 6".

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Gray Rock Snake
Gray Rock Snake 1 month ago

and if it depends on me, you guys will "spread " a lot more :D

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WaylanderTheSlayer 1 month ago

So.... why do women have legs?

Have you seen the mess snails leave behind?
Why do women have vaginas?

Nobody would talk to them if they didn't.......

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 1 month ago

Why I Don't Care: Because.
They've been saying shit like this forever. Still living in male civilizations. Screaming children, nothing more.

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gchase 1 month ago

Hey Popp...I got a shirt for ya. How do I contact ya?

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RoboCat 1 month ago

I haven't taken a woman out on a proper date in at least 10 years. Who does that? or better yet, why would anyone do that nowadays? the woman demanding such things must be old and ugly to truly think such nonsense.

As soon as I realized that I could get away with putting in less effort and wasting less money to get the same results on average, I never did the proper date thing again. Why pay more when you can pay less?

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Wildwall 1 month ago


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Judge_Joshua 1 month ago

Great video guys! You are the reason I know MGTOW TV exists and I give 'em money to view these in 1080 HD. Too bad my internet usually is just shy of streaming from here. YT does fine but hey, I can download it 1080 with my subscription.

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doczg88 1 month ago

Call Better Bachelor/Joker to your show.

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Darth__KEK 1 month ago

Definitely. I only got to hear about abot this channel (YT version) thanks to Joker.

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Lukenstein 1 month ago

I believe they have actually talked about getting him on one of the next livestreams

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LongRedRoad 1 month ago

Popp great books and vids! Thank You!

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