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? Why "Nice Guys" Attract W#0®€$ and Damaged Women | CRP

crimson hawk
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Published on 04 Aug 2020 / In Film & Animation

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mrghoster 6 months ago

WTF I remember the day's when I was a NICE GUY, and how i got screwed over by the WHORES. To day I'm a Completer "ASSHOLE", and proud of it. It makes life far easier and less stressful, I'd go as far as saying being an ASSHOLE is a great and secure Lifestyle choice. I'm Immune to being a supplier, I get pleasure from seeing WHORES struggle and freak out, especially these day's as "Karen" becomes unstable! lol!

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RTFLDGR 6 months ago

hey Coach: I have heard Patreon is getting sued for censoring content. Is it true? Are you planning on continuing $$ support via Patreon or do you suggest differently? best wishes

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NoFemVAL 6 months ago

Females are like a mirror, once its broken it can never be fixed.

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NoFemVAL 6 months ago

The narrative by society that a man is "lucky" to find cunt, is where all this stems from. REMEMBER YOU ARE THE PRIZE. Cunts need men more than men need cunts.

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NoFemVAL 6 months ago

This is all 100% true. Being turned out to the world and raised to be a "good guy" by decent parents only gets you fucked over. Trust me, become a fucking asshole as soon a possible and as young as possible so you dont waste your life being abused by these fucking cunts.

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