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Why Most Men Can't Go Their Own Way - MGTOW

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Published on 31 Dec 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Kujel and here's what he briefly has to say: "Hi Sandman, I would like you to cover my short book called The Stone Tablet: The Philosphy of Stonism, your video "MGTOW is Spreading Everywhere" echoed a lot of ideas in this book so I thought it would be worth covering, cheers." Well Kujel thanks for the donation and topic. Your 39 page book starts off with the premise that a man is stronger as a member of a klan or a wall of stones instead of as a single stone on his own. This idea echoed back when there were dozens if not hundreds of MGTOW channels in 2017 and 2018. We were a decentralized klan but it sounds like you are advocating for a more centralized one. But how does someone get one stone or person to convince other stones or persons to join together and become a wall? You say that Klans should be small group of brothers working together towards a collective goal. More
often than not blood related. That They have a citadel and if any one member of a klan doesn't meet their obligations they are cast out. I prefer online communities working together with the same goal in mind but each one is individually minded. where we are decentralized. In this day and age of narcissism a philosophy where men get together in one geographic place is centralized and governments won't have it. But a decentralized network would be far more powerful. You go onto say that the relationship a man has with his clan is like the commitment he might have for a wife. You mention this by saying that the clan is his Waifu. The citadel is the stone father and the klan is the mother or waifu. Then you bring up the Prion which in biology is a protein that can cause disease in animals and humans. But you say they are meaningless creatures that live with no klan, no honor only living for consumption and hedonism. But hey it's your philosophy so you can call men with no clan whatever you like. Sometimes these Prions are useful as free agents so the klan shouldn't write them off completely. You also say that hate is a useful emotion so long as it doesn't overwhelm ones reason and rationality. I agree. Sometimes hate is what motivates us to be even more rational. I for example harnessed the red pill rage in the first one to two years of this channel. An animal would have just gone on a rampage destroying things like the supreme gentleman Elliot Rogers. You then say that women can be allowed into a klan as well if they are young and fertile so she enriches the klan. You say that she's supposed to permanently bond herself to the klan. Women can't bond with a woman longer than a few weeks in many cases in this day age let alone for life. I'll discuss more about your short book of stonism philosophy in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Cash Discount Pro:

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libertyanyday 24 days ago

mgtow IS THE EPITOME OF singular success............. NO GROUPS.

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bluesky 26 days ago

Happy New Year MGTOW!

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

Greetings to all Free Men and may 2022 come loaded with economic and social crises equal to or (better yet) worse than 2021 so that we may become stronger in adversity.
There is nothing better for Man than hostile environments.

So ... for me, the worse the better.

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MAC88 26 days ago

Happy new years brother gd bless

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MAC88 26 days ago

Humans are social beings and thats the real reason we are more advanced than other species as well as our self awareness.

We build and trade goods and services to get to the point we are now. That’s because of our drive to be social.

I Don't believe we have a need to belong but a need for purpose.

Being Social can take the form of belonging as a means of survival.

An example is a human baby latching on to their mother or guardian.

Without their help, the baby dies.

Thats how we’ve evolved.

But it’s not as inherent as we think its more about the society that surrounds us.

Purpose is what we all need. Without it there is no point to anything.

Purpose can take many many forms.

So find your purpose my friends.

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